“Make money from your real estate website while you sleep”

Simple advertising method that gives you $100's/mo

Creating quality content for your real estate website consistently is truly the most straightforward way to dominate in the search engines.  As the amount of your content grows you may want to consider monetizing the different pages within your website.  Now, this is something that you want to be careful with because your primary goal is to generate leads!

Integrating ads into your website is much easier than you think.  It took me awhile to start because I thought it would be difficult, but it was really easy.  Google chooses to show ads that are related to your content automatically.  Here are the questions I had before I started advertising on our websites.

How can you generate money from your website?

It is actually simple. You place ads within your website (it is as easy as copy and paste) and when people click on your ads you get paid. Trust me I did it and it works and was easier than I thought.

Wouldn’t my competitors get displayed?

It is certainly possible that your local competitors’ ads could get displayed on your website if you don’t use the competitive ad filer.  Google actually allows you to block those advertisers that you don’t want on your website,

Is it difficult?

Putting Google Adsense ads on your website is as simple as copying and pasting the HTML code that they provide.  You get to choose the size of ad that gets displayed on your page.

Is it really worth the effort?

As you invest time in your real estate website you will find that you are creating a great deal of quality information.  For those visitors that don’t contact you, wouldn’t it be nice if they clicked an ad on their way out?  You could get sometimes a $1 or more per click!  It is very common to receive $150 or more every month!  At the very minimum it can help compensate for the money you are already spending on Google Adwords.


It’s simple and FREE to start an Adsense account. As soon as you sign up you will be able to start looking into the different sized ads that you can display on your website.  Take the time to slowly integrate these ads into your website; you don’t need to put ads up on every page at one time.  Remember, your big goal is to generate leads, but if that visitor doesn’t want to contact you, it would be nice to make some money as they leave!

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