How can you cultivate your web visitors to generate sales?

Cultivating the leads from your website until they are ready to purchase is essential to get both today business and tomorrow business! As your website grows you will find that the number of visitors contacting you will increase. Of course, there may be some visitors that aren't prepared to contact you, yet they want to get more information. How do you enable the visitor who is curious to start learning more about how to accomplish their goals in real estate?

Drip Campaigns do the work for you!

Often referred to as an "auto responder" you can allow visitors to sign up for different items of vaGet Responselue so that they can get the information they want without having to contact you directly. The best part looks like you send the e-mails! You get the benefit of growing a relationship without having to respond to each person individually.

Instead of having a traditional auto responder send an immediate e-mail, you can define the response to be sent a few hours or even a day later. That way it looks much more natural, like you actually sent it.

What would I offer a visitor on my website?

Offer your website visitors something that would be of value to them. Ideas such as the following have worked well for us and many real estate professionals that we have coached.

  1. Learn the 5 tips that can save you money on your home purchase

  2. Get the Top 5 questions you need to ask ANY agent before you agree to work with them

  3. Get FREE information on the loan programs that you may not have heard about from your lender

  4. Get the Top 5 tips on how to get top dollar when selling your home

  5. Top 5 Mistakes made by home sellers that cost them thousands!

Having effective real estate internet marketing is about providing your visitors with the information they want when they want it. Often a visitor to your website wants the information immediately and if they don't get it they will move on to another website. Learn how using this automatic email responder has helped people in real estate and more!

Easy to use and Implement

Get Response allows you to easily create your own custom campaigns and even deliver attachments to your prospects. That means if you have a powerful buyer or seller report already created, you can easily just have sent as an attachment in an e-mail!

There is no need to learn HTML, rather you just "Copy and paste" code that they create for you.

Try it for yourself

We have been using Get Response for over 4 years to cultivate visitors from our websites. At any one point and time Get Response is e-mailing over 500 people a month for us! Allow the same power to work for you in your business. Learn more about Get Response with this 7 lesson e-mail course.

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