“I Invite You To Discover How To Use Audio Testimonials To Improve Your Business”



Have you ever noticed that when someone sends a referral to you that it is so much easier? You aren't spending as much time building trust, confidence, and effort. You may even find yourself saying "I wish they could all be like this." What if you could get referrals without your past clients having to hand out your card, tell a friend, drive someone to you?

That is the power of using testimonials. When you use testimonials you can have a sales force working for you that you don't have to pay! Many of us have those clients who will do whatever it takes to have their friends use our services. What if you could package that and have your past clients convince strangers to use you? That is the power of using testimonials.

How Do You Increase Contacts Using Just Testimonials?

Use Sound for your testimonialsHaving testimonials on your website is absolutely essential to provide your visitors with confidence. Written testimonials help a visitor understand why someone contacted you and ended up successfully achieving their goals. In fact they sell people on your services without you saying a word. However, with the written word, there is something lacking....


People attribute a certain "tone" with the written word, but with Audio they don't have to interpret the tone, they get to hear it. They get to hear the excitement in a person's voice and they get to hear their story.People relatebest to stories because they can see themselves in other people. Implementing Instant Audio allows you to easily place testimonials on your website by just having your clients call-in to a simple 1-800 phone number. Providing audio testimonials can increase your contact rate by 20% compared with just having written testimonials.

Uncover The Secrets To Powerful Testimonials

If you have listened to the testimonials here at OnlineRealEstateSuccess we hope it has helped you to see that "real" real estate professionals like yourself have tried and been successful with real estate marketing online. Give that same confidence to the visitors who come to your real estate website for your services. Let those visitors know that someone has been in their shoes before and taken that bold step to contact a real estate professional online!

Why Use Instant Audio for Audio Testimonials?

First it is easy. You don't have to be a technical guru to implement it. You want the visitors who come to your website to understand that in order for them to achieve their goals, they need a real estate professional who understands them. Providing audio testimonials with Instant Audio will help them to listen to your clients as they speak about the experience of working with you.

Third party verification is one of the most powerful ways to help someone understand the benefits of using a product or service. With audio testimonials on your website you will be able to have your clients provide that 3rd party verification 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week!

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