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Use our systems to generate 50 leads or more every month and sell at least 1 home a month

Are you looking for more real estate business today? Each of our sytems is designed to give you the step-by-step marketing help that you need in order to succeed in today's real estate market. Select a product below to find out more on how you can start generating leads and booking more appointments today from your website regardless of your budget, what you know today, and what you have tried in the past.

Buyer Script System Complete Success System
Real Estate Traffic System
Real Estate Lead System

All of our products come with our NO Hassle 60 day money back guarantee.

New Agent Training System |Buyer Conversion System | 1 on 1 Success System

"I started working with the Online Real Estate Success program in January of 2006. I concentrated on their lead generation systems because I really needed leads for my business. They have coached me every step of the way. From choosing a url to teaching me how to set up a pay per click campaign on Yahoo and Google. Since then, I have been averaging 30 leads a month and spending approximately $250. My gross commissions in 2006 were 135K. The majority of that business came from leads I got through the internet marking that James and Joey taught me. I am eternally thankful to them for the training and support they have given me."

-- Brandi Cushing, Marina Del Rey

Complete Real Estate Success System

Buy Real Estate Success SystemAre you looking to not just be on the Internet but dominate?

Do you want to get leads from the Internet, convert them to appointments, & generate actual business from the Internet?

If you answered yes our complete lead generation & script system is designed for you.

If you implement this system you will have leads from interested clients who want to work with you every day. You will close business each and every month just by following simple step-by-step instructions for success.

Real Estate Lead System BasicReal Estate Success System Basic ($199): Start generating leads with 4 systems designed to generate leads for you on the Internet. Get our Complete Guide to Blogging for Real Estate, Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate, Complete Guide to Writing Content for Real Estate, & our Complete Guide to Google Adwords (pay per click advertising).

Real Estate Success System GoldReal Estate Success System Gold($399): You get everything in the basic system plus our Complete Guide to Farming with your Blog, our Complete Real Estate Script System Gold Edition ($199 value), our Follow-up System, & 4 of our Succeed Online CD's #1-#4 ($99 value). You also receive two 30 minute 1 on 1 coupons ($399 value) to use anyway you like.

Real Estate Success System PlatinumReal Estate Success System Platinum($799): You get everything from our Basic & Gold systems as listed above plus 6 months of 1 on 1 coaching (valued at $792) plus you get 2 additional CD's to help take your blog to the next level. This is the fastest way to success on the Internet and will give you access to a high touch program that makes sure you get the answers to your most pressing questions on how to generate and close business from the Internet.

Complete Buyer Script System

Are you looking to get buyers to call you back,convert leads to appointments, & get buyers to write offers? If you are we have a complete system that will give you all of the tools you need and will give it to you in a step-by-step system to make it easy to implement.

Agent Success SystemOur Success System includes:

  • Buyer Objections CD - Never guess again about what to say. Here are the top 15 objections that online buyers will give you and how to handle them.

  • Buyer Mindset - Understand the mentality of the internet buyer and how you can quickly dominate with the right attitude.

  • Role Play - From booking an appointment on your first phone call to handling the toughest of objections, you get the answers on this CD.

  • Buyer Role Play Disc #2 - You will have no fear of any situation after this role play CD. Hear James work with a live buyer in getting them from wanting to see 50 homes down to 5 & thank him for it (and they will be thanking you too)!

  • Voicemail CD - In our Gold & Platinum packages you will get the buyers to call you back and make your phone ring with our voicemail CD. A complete set of voicemails that will allow you to leave messages to buyers that compels them to call you back.

  • Transcripts of CD's - Not sure if you want to just listen to the CD or read them? We solved that by giving you the complete transcripts of the role play, objection, & voicemail CD so you can read exactly what to say every time.

Select the Version You'd Like:

BasicBasic:($99.00) Our ulitmate buyer script system includes CD's to get you converting buyers today. You will receive the Buyer Objection CD, Buyer Role Play CD, Buyer Mindset CD and Buyer Role Play CD#2.

GoldGold:($199.00) You get everything that is included in the basic complete script system as listed above plus some additional bonuses to take your script skills to the next level. Bonuses that are included in Gold Voice Mail Scripts CD so you never have to worry what to leave on a message, complete transcripts of all script CD's & voicemail CD ($75 dollar value), Buyer Appointment Interview form ($24 value). Buyer Transaction Fee From (get buyers to pay you $295 or more per transaction in addition to your commission), How To Do a Buyer Consultation Training Call & Transcript, Handing Buyer Consultation Training Call & Transcript, & Succeed Online CD's #1 & #2 $49.95 value).

PlatinumPlatinum:($399.00) You get everything that is included in the Gold script system as listed above plus some additional bonuses to take your script skills to the next level. Bonuses that are included in Platinum are the ability to have a private 30 minute 1 on 1 coaching session with James or Joseph Bridges ($199 value), a private e-mail to ask your toughest script questions, & Succeed Online CD's #3 & #4($49.95 value).

Ultimate Lead & Follow-up System

Lead Follow-up SystemStop guessing when you are going to get more high quality interested buyers and start generating them within minutes! Get a complete system of follow-up to make them call you, tell you exactly what they want, & when they want it.

Select the Version You Would Like:

Real Estate Lead System Basic

Basic($94.95) This system includes our Complete Guide to Google Adwords for Real Estate, a 40 minute training MP3 on Google Adwords, & a complete template follow-up system that makes it easy to get prospects to call you.

Real Estate Lead System GoldGold($98.95) This system includes everything from the basic system plus you get special bonuses to take your lead generation to the next level. You get our Buyer Objection CD so you can handle any objection that buyers are going to give you and you get two complete training calls on Keywords which you can use for your Google Ads, Blog, & Website. Also this system is shipped to you in a hard bound cover so you can keep track of your success.

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All products come with our NO Hassle 60 day money back guarantee!

All Products Guaranteed

Hi, Joey Bridges here. James and I just want to tell you we value each and every customer. We are committed to your success and we back all of our products with a 60 day money-back gurantee.

James BridgesJoey Bridges

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