"Handling Buyer Objections increases an agents production over 38.6%!"

Handling Objections to get more appointments

Do you know how to never get frustrated by another buyer? You understand what to ask them and make sure that you are the interview. Knowing what to say is THE key to success with buyers or sellers. This CD will teach you how to make sure you are the one in control. We know that this CD is so powerful that we give our NO Hassle 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on it.

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Have you been having a hard time getting a buyer to work with you in this market? Frustrated with your results? Looking for predicatable results every time? These scripts come from over 10,000 calls of experience. Get buyers to do what you want to. James Bridges tells you how to handle all of these objections on the CD.

Tracks: 16

  1. Introduction

  2. I'll call you back

  3. I want to offer 50% of List price

  4. Let's wait to see if the price drops

  5. I don't want to meet with a lender

  6. I can afford $250,000

  7. I don't want to work with only 1 agent

  8. I have an agent

  9. I have to check with my spouse first

  10. I have to sell my place first

  11. I just want the price

  12. I just want to see the property

  13. I want to see 50 properties

  14. I think the property is 4 out of 10

  15. I want a deal

  16. I will meet you at the property

Speakers Featured: Joseph and James Bridges

Price: $19.95


All of our products come with our NO Hassle 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.