“3 Minutes Into The Next Phone Call You Make You Will Have a Prospect Coming To Meet You At Your Office...Guaranteed”

3 simple questions, 3 minutes or less, and you will have a buyer

James & Joey Bridges Share Buyer Scripts
Joey and James Bridges Share Powerful Techniques To
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Dear Real Estate Professional,

Have you ever wondered why some agents are able to spend only minutes a day on the phone and you spend hours in frustration on cold calls, sign calls, and internet leads only to have no appointments?

You see it isn’t your fault. It isn’t your dedication, your focus,or your patience it is the scripts and training that you have that are wrong, not you

What's Wrong With The Scripts You Are Using?

The scripts you have now don't appeal to the modern buyer. Too often the scripts that you were given were designed to somehow convince the person on the other end it's a good time to buy. Think about a time when you were nervous about a big purchase, was it wasy for someone to convince that you really should just buy that big item? Probably not, and that is why the scripts are tragically flawed.

For scripts to work on today's buyers they need to be simple, easy to use, and help that buyer to come to their own conclusion of taking action.

We Invite You To Consider Being The Interviewer To End Rejection Forever

Have you ever noticed how interviewers never get rejected. They always get to sit on the other side of the desk and ask as many questions as they want while the interviewee has to answer whatever question they are given and never gets any control, any power, or any feeling like they can do anything other than answer the next question they have been asked.

  • What if you could turn into the interviewer?

  • What if you became that person and had all of the power and control?

  • What if you never had to worry about rejection ever again?

You would never be rejected again because they would have to answer your question and if they didn’t you knew immediately they weren’t serious and you can just hang up the phone or leave because you don’t have to waste your time with them anymore.

You can do this if you have the right set of questions to ask and know that they have to answer them. The key to being the interviewer is knowing how and what to ask.

We Hope You Don't Want To Learn The Hard Way

Making call after call and not landing an appointment is frustrating. Worse yet is getting false hope and having buyers agree to meet with you, only to stand you up on the appointment. The reality is that we experienced these same frustrations, but now that we have each made over 20,000 calls to buyers from our websites we can book appointments in 3 minutes or less with a 90% rate of them showing up for an appointment.

What if you could say something on the next call that you knew the person on the other end of the phone had to answer the way you needed it? If you had the perfect set of questions to ask then you never have to worry about what is going to happen on the phone. You only need to ask them 3 simple and short questions and you will get results that are unheard of.

At the end of those three questions you will have the one of three types of clients:

  • A serious and motivated first time buyer

  • A serious and motivated move up buyer who has to sell their home

  • A person who is wasting your time that you will never have to call again

Interviewers don’t hire every person who comes through their door and you won’t hire ever buyer that you call. In fact you will only work with clients who meet your criteria.

  • They must be motivated

  • They must be willing

  • They must follow your rules

You will get to change forever how you make calls and how clients treat you!

Discover The Ultimate Buyer Script System

The buyer script system is designed to give you the tools necessary to control every step of the process in the way that you desire. You will be able to:

  • Convert prospective buyers to appointments

  • Get them to sign buyer contracts

  • Have buyers work on your schedule

  • Get them to buy a home after seeing 5 or less properties

  • Refer their friends and family to you because of the level of service you provide

  • Follow your rules every time and thank you for those rules

Buyer Script PackagesYes I would like James & Joey Bridges's Ultimate Buyer Script System

Select the Version You'd Like:

BasicBasic:($99.00) Our ulitmate buyer script system includes CD's to get you converting buyers today. You will receive the Buyer Objection CD, Buyer Role Play CD, Buyer Mindset CD and Buyer Role Play CD#2.

GoldGold:($199.00) You get everything that is included in the basic complete script system as listed above plus some additional bonuses to take your script skills to the next level. Bonuses that are included in Gold Voice Mail Scripts CD so you never have to worry what to leave on a message, complete transcripts of all script CD's & voicemail CD ($75 dollar value), Buyer Appointment Interview form ($24 value). Buyer Transaction Fee From (get buyers to pay you $295 or more per transaction in addition to your commission), How To Do a Buyer Consultation Training Call & Transcript, Handing Buyer Consultation Training Call & Transcript, & Succeed Online CD's #1 & #2 $49.95 value).

PlatinumPlatinum:($399.00) You get everything that is included in the Gold script system as listed above plus some additional bonuses to take your script skills to the next level. Bonuses that are included in Platinum are the ability to have a private 30 minute 1 on 1 coaching session with James or Joseph Bridges ($199 value), a private e-mail to ask your toughest script questions, & Succeed Online CD's #3 & #4($49.95 value).

All Products are Guranteed

Hi, James Bridges here. Joey and I just want to tell you we value each and every customer. We are committed to your success and we back all of our products with a 60 day money-back gurantee.

Joey & James Bridges


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