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Joey and Jamey Bridges
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Dear Real Estate Professional,

My brother and I started just over 6 years ago in real estate. In fact we started before it was "cool" to be in real estate and before the "boom" that happened. The thing is we left what many people said was a good job. We had a pay check every two weeks, paid vacation, a health plan, and even one of those 401K's. But you know what? We hated what we did and we both realized we wanted to do something else so we left for a future in real estate.

Has anyone ever told you that you were crazy just for thinking of getting into real estate much less being in real estate? Trust me people told us we were crazy (some still do).

Nowadays people say "I'm sorry" when I tell them I help real estate agents do what my brother and I have done successfully for the past 6 years. They think it is a terrible time to be in real estate. I think it is one of the best time in real estate but maybe that is just me.

We Would Like To Suggest That The Name On Your Business Card Doesn't Matter

You see many out there will tell you that the name on your business card is what will convince clients that they should work with you. This isn't true and the reason I know it isn't true is because my brother and I started our business out of a 1 car garage in the city of Carson, CA. That's right a 1 car garage that was too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. You know our first year in the business we sold over 16 million in sales and prices were far cheaper than they were today.

We didn't have a fancy office, fancy letterhead, or a big brand name we just wanted to help people buy and sell homes and we wanted to do it using the Internet.

So it doesn't matter whether you are:

  • Part of a brokerage that has TV ads running

  • Part of a brokerage that is big on sending referrals to other agents

  • Part of a brokerage that gives you a fancy colored jacket for selling property

Trust me the Internet consumer cares that you give them what they are looking for and they aren't looking for a baloon they are looking for information on their next purchase.

We Would Like To Show You That You Don't Need To Know A Single Person In Your Neighborhood

Most real estate coaches, trainers, and big brokerages will tell you to start with your friends, family, and people you grew up with. That was a problem for us because we grew up in San Diego, just moved to Carson, and most of our friends wanted to buy their first new cars not a home.

We decided that since we didn't know anybody and we refused to do:

  • Knock on anyone's door because we figured there was no way that people were going to answer and want to do business with us.

  • Cold calling hundreds of people each end every day and face the endless rejection that goes along with it.

  • Farming a neighborhood because we had no desire to mail out postcards, letters, or hand deliver flyers to doorsteps.

That we had to come up with a system that would give us people we could speak to who:

  • Wanted to buy a house

  • Didn't care what brokerage we were a part of

  • Wanted information that we could provide

We decided that if we learned a little bit about our new neighborhood by driving around we could put some stuff on the Internet that people would see we wanted to help them and they would want to work with us.

How Would You Feel If You Had Commissions Every Single Month?

Getting a new closing to occur each and every month can be a challenge. Literally, it is one of the hardest parts of real estate and one that caused my brother and I to rack up thousands of dollars in credit card debt. That's right we had a mortgage payment, car payments, and every other bill you can imagine and we started our company with credit cards and no money to spend. We needed money every month so we had to make sure we had a system that gave us leads each and every day so we could find at least 1 person every month who needed help.

How did we do this?

We did this by by writing about our area. In fact my brother developed what we call "Real Estate Internet Domination Formula". It is a system by which any real estate agent (or lender for that matter) can dominate their area online by following a step-by-step system for showing your future clients your expertise, your credibility, & get them to contact you without you telling them how great you are.

The formula starts with knowing what your next buyer or what your next seller is looking for.

When You See You Can Get Real Leads, From Real People, Who Really Want To Work With You, You Won't Be Able To Imagine A Different Way To Do Business

The way the system works is people are looking for information, the kind of information that only you can provide to them. People want to know about the area they are moving into. They want to know that the expert they are going to hire for this purpose can guide them successfully to the end goal (buying or selling a house).

When we started we had no idea what we were creating. We just wanted clients to help and when we started we had 7 leads coming in a month. In just 3 months though we were getting over 30 leads a month and meeting with clients on a regular basis.

So in 90 days our system was working and generate real leads. Now, we still use the system today, we generate hundreds of leads each and every month regardless of the month, regardless of the market, and regardless of what our competitors do.

In fact we have perfected our system so that you can start getting leads in 30 days or less!

You Probably Won't Believe This, But By Using These Techniques You Can Experience Incredible Success

If you were hoping for a system that would work for you without putting in any work this system isn't for you. This is a system that will work but you have to actually do work and it can't just sit on the shelf and generate leads for you.

What kind of work do you have to put in?

  • You have to write about your area (or have someone else do it for you)

  • You have to want to do more real estate business

  • You have to be able to e-mail people back who want & need your help

  • You have to want to call (or be willing to) call people back from the leads you will generate

Now if you don't want to do the work that is listed above or have someone who will do those things for you then this is not a system that will work for you. It does take work but it will work if you put the work in. In fact it is a system that keeps on living.

Imagine if you could send 1 flyer out to your farm and you would know that the flyer would stay on your clients doorstep forever and as you kept sending them flyers that they would just stay their until their doorstep was covered in flyers. Could they help but use you? Of course they couldn't help but use you.

We will guide you to creating the ultimate system that generates leads and clients for you who want and need your help.

Let me give you an example of the kind of leads that you will be working with. Check out the e-mail that got sent to us just the other day.

“Hi Joseph,
My wife and I are interested in buying a home in Long Beach. I found your website after a google search. We're first time buyers, looking for at least a 2+2 in a good neighborhood. We're not all that familiar with the city, so have no idea which neighborhoods to look in. We do like the areas by the state and city colleges.

Any help you can give us is appreciated.

So ask yourself, can I write back to someone like that? If you can then our system will work. If you can't then our system will not work.

Can I Make The System Work On The Website I Have Now?

The truth is it isn't your website that is causing you pain. It is what is on your website that is the problem. In fact 98% of the time James and I tell real estate agents to keep their current website hosting company and to just follow our system to make the website work for them instead of them working for their website company.

98% of real estate agents all make the same mistake

So what is the mistake that 98% of all real estate agents make on their website? They think that their website is supposed to be about them instead of the information that the buyer or seller is looking for. Not sure what we mean? We prepared a short video that is 1 minutes and 56 seconds long to show you how to avoid the mistake that 98% of real estate agents make and what you need to do to make sure your website is a lead generation machine.

You Don't Have To Be An IT Professional Anymore

Remember that good job that my brother and I had? We were IT professionals but guess what has changed since we got started in real estate? You guessed it the technology has changed so now you don't need to be a computer guru to make our system work for you. In fact if you can send an e-mail you can make our system work for you. Even if you don't like sending e-mail if you are willing to do some work

Make It Impossible For Clients On the Internet Not To Find You

Wouldn't it be great if no matter what people typed in Google, Yahoo, or MSN they came across your website or blog? You can do that if you implement each of our systems. Each system is designed so that the client who is out there looking for help on the Internet just keeps coming across your website, blog, or even pay per click ad.

The 2 minute and 38 second video below will show you how you can be all over the Internet and have your next client find you.

We Invite You To Consider Step-by-Step Systems

Our systems are easy to use and give you the step-by-step instructions you need to save time and get results. They are designed so that you can put them to work in minutes a day not ours. Everything is included so that you can generate leads from different sources on the Internet. Get started today!

What's Included?




Complete Real Estate Guide to SEO

(to view a sample of this guide click Sample SEO System)

Included in System
Complete Guide to Content (sample of Content System)
Included in System
Complete Guide to Google Adwords (sample Adwords Guide)
Included in System
Complete Guide to Blogging (sample of Blogging Guide)
Included in System
Complete Guide to Farming with your Blog  
Included in System
Included in System


Buyer Script System Gold Edition ($199 value)  
Included in System
Succeed Online Success System CD's 1 & 2 ($49 value)  
Included in System
Succeed Online Success System CD's 3 & 4 ($49 value)  
Included in Program
Included in System
Real Estate Follow-up System (sample of Follow up system)  
Included in System
Included in System
1 on 1 Coaching Session ($399 value)  
Included in System
Included in System
Blogging Success System CD's 1 & 2 ($49 value)    
Included in System
8 months of access to one on one coaching program ($792 value)    
Included in System

Special Price

US ($199.95)

US ($399.95)

US ($799.95)

  Real Estate Lead System Basic Real Estate Success System Gold Real Estate Success System Platinum


To Your Success Online,

Joey and James Bridges

Joseph and James Bridges

Real Estate Internet Marketing Coaches

P.S. Still skeptical? We certainly understand, this may be your first time here. Discover more about our systems by reading below.

Buyer Script Gold SystemBuyer Script Gold

You get the ultimate buyer conversion system. This system gives you CD's on Buyer Agent Mindset, Handling Buyer Objections, 2 CD's on Buyer Role Playing so you can hear how to handle the objections that buyers give you each and every day. In addition we give you our Voice Mail Scripts CD so you never have to worry what to leave on a message, complete transcripts ($75 dollar value) of the buyer role play(CD 1 & CD 2), buyer objection CD, & voicemail CD. Our Buyer Appointment Interview form ($24 value) and our buyer transaction fee form ($24 value) are also included in this system so whether you are talking to a buyer on the phone, leaving them a message, or speaking with them in the field you have the scripts you need to convert them. We will also include our buyer e-mail conversion system so buyers write back to your e-mails needing your help. This system is sold separately for $199.

Succeed Online Success System CD #1 & CD #2

Succeed OnlineNot sure what the first or even second step to take on the Internet is? Don't worry because the first two CD's in this series are designed to get you started in the right direction.

You will learn the first steps you need to take for success along with the long term outlook you need to have a profitable website.

Both CD's will give you a strong foundation to succeed on the Internet.

Succeed Online Success System CD #3 & CD #4

Succeed OnlineHave you wanted to make sure that your social networking strategy is going to work? Not sure what social networking is or how to make it work? Don't worry because we cover that in these CD's to make sure you are focusing on what you need to.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is critical to your success along with SEM (Search Engine Marketing). We cover these two important topics in 45 minutes worth of information to help you get your website to the top of Google.Blogging System Gold


Blogging System Platinum Edition

You can blog every day and not see any results if you don't have a concrete plan in place. We have put together everything you need in order to succeed at blogging.

In this system you will get our complete guide to blogging, our complete guide to farming with your real estate blog, our real estate blog with wordpress system and 2 CD's to make sure your real estate blog generates leads for you that turn into results.

Real Estate Follow-up System

Real Estate Follow-up System

Are you tired of sending e-mails to prospects who request information only to never hear from them? That is one of the biggest, most frustrating, & annoying things that happens with Internet leads that only give you their phone number. You can avoid all the frustration, all the pain, and all the annoying parts of e-mail follow-up by following simple, easy to use, and easy to implement e-mail templates that ask buyers the questions that get them to call you and e-mail you back. This system is full of over a dozen proven e-mail templates to get your prospects to write back to you today.

1 on 1 consultation with James or Joseph BridgesJames & Joey Bridges

Getting answers, real answers, answers that will work to your tough Internet marketing questions can be difficult if not impossible to find. We want to make sure that you get the answers to your toughest questions.

You get TWO 30 minute 1 on 1 coaching sessions that you can use to discuss anything you like. Whether it is a blogging question, pay per click question, or SEO question we are here to get you the help you need.

All calls are recorded so you can play them back later for your private use.


All of our products come with our NO Hassle 60 day money back guarantee.