"Real estate agents can do their own SEO. In fact agents can do SEO in as little as 60 minutes a week."

You are in the marketing business and SEO is just marketing for your website.

What is SEO? For a real estate agent SEO is the practice of making your web presence clear and understandable to the search engines in order to gain high organic placement. Phew, what a mouthful!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is part art and part science. Although how websites are ranked in popular search engines like Google™ and Yahoo© are based off of computer programs (algorithms) the details are kept secret so that individuals and companies don't build their websites for the search engines, rather, they build them for people!

Why doesn’t every real estate agent SEO?

You will often hear real estate agents asking, do you SEO? At it's most fundamental aspect the art of SEO is to ensure that the search engines understand what the different pages on your website is about. Some of the aspects about your website that you would want to concentrate on so that search engines understand what your website is about would be:

  • Understanding what words, called keywords, people search on to find your service

  • Placing keywords in the pages of your website and in elements like your page title

  • Having rich content on your website that is written for people, not search engines

  • Getting other websites to link to your website with those highly desriable keywords

Do you have to be a "techie" to do SEO?

Although professional firms that perform SEO services for real estate agents and others charge a great deal of money, you don't have to be a "techie" in order to do your own SEO work. With just a small investment of time and some patience many agents have had tremendous success in the search engines.

One of the biggest tips on how to succeed in the search engines is the concept of creating powerful content. As a real estate professional you have a head start on this aspect because you know a great deal about the area in which you operate! Following fundamental rules for creating content on your website will save you from paying thousands of dollars to SEO firms.

How does a real estate agent learn to do SEO?

You learn from those who have not only created their own effective real estate websites that get over 75% of their traffic organically but from those who have coached others to success in their online marketing efforts. At Online Real Estate Success we have created in-depth videos, tutorials, audio lessons and checklists you will be able to learn quickly and apply the knowledge! We want you to quickly succeed with your real estate wesbite so our courses were all designed with the idea that you want to learn and have limited time in which to do it.

These courses have been designed by professionals who have achieved success in the field of technology and as real estate brokers. Courses are designed to take up minimal time and give you what you need to succeed.

The courses cover the following and will continue to grow!

  • Search Engine Optimization - Take the mystery out of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and learn the skills to take you to the top of Google and Yahoo. Understand the SERPs (Search engine results pages) and how your site can make it to the top 10 in both Yahoo and Google.

  • Website Fundamentals - understand what makes a successful real estate website.

  • Blogging - Whether you have a BLOG or haven't started, understand how you can generate leads from your BLOG. Avoid the mistakes and have a winning strategy with your blog.

  • Google Adwords - Don't be scared of advertising online. Get targeted traffic to your website to deliver leads.  Don’t fear per click get step by step tutorials on how to set-up your first campaign.

  • Website content - Knowing what to write and how to write so you can get visitors there and have them contact you.

  • Master the internet buyer - Learn the scripts and follow up to turn those leads into appointments and business.

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