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Generating Business From Your Blog Isn't About Being A Good Writer

Joey and Jamey Bridges
Joey and James Bridges
Real Estate Internet Marketing Coaches

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Has the thought of getting started in real estate blogging, left you with the simple concept of "where do I start?". Everyone speaks of traffic, Google rankings, etc., and yet you never seem to hear about the business they are closing from their blogs.

Real Estate BLOGs are being talked about like they are the only thing that you need to be successful on the Internet. Certainly, some real estate BLOG experts would have you believe that their particular product is all you need in order to be successful online and generate so many leads that you will not need to do anything else besides BLOG for 10 minutes a day.

Is this really true?


Let’s face it that there are only a few real estate bloggers who might get that lucky and their success will be short lived. To achieve success in real estate blogging requires understanding the techniques that drive traffic and get you motivated leads that need your help.

So how do you become one of the real estate blogging success stories and not one of those who you never read about? You can do that by starting with the right methods from the start and learn how to be effective at real estate blogging.

How Would You Feel If Your Blog Generated Leads And Business Every Day?

Having a blog that generates business for you is more than just writing some 200 or 300 word posts and putting in some “keywords”. Being effective in real estate BLOGGING requires focus on your expertise, real eReal Estate Bloggingstate.

I invite you to consder the following when you are working with a real estate blog:

  • Update your real estate BLOG with consistent and relevant real estate information. Examples are: sales stats, market conditions, loan programs.

  • Your real estate BLOG must be updated on a regular basis. There are some out there that will tell you that you are wasting your time if you don’t update your BLOG every single day. They would be wrong. It is more about having a consistent update schedule that your readers will get used to.

  • Focus on the same topics and use the same tags if at all possible. Nothing says expertise like writing multiple times on the same topic. Just like doctors and lawyers have their expertise in a certain area you do as a real estate professional. Write about your area or type of product that you enjoy the most and your real estate BLOG will take off!

We Reveal The Methods That Allow Your Blogging Efforts To Produce Commissions

I'd like to show you how to get maximum results from your real estate blog. I want you to quickly succeed (and that means getting commissions) with your real estate BLOGGING efforts so our courses were all designed with the idea that you want to learn and have limited time in which to do it.

This course has been designed by professionals who have achieved success in the field of technology and as real estate brokers. The real estate blogging course is designed to take up minimal time and give you what you need to succeed.

Internet Marketing for Real EstateOur 5 Day real estate BLOGGING course covers the following and will continue to grow!

  • Where to BLOG – Not sure where you should start a BLOG? Learn the best places on the Internet and many are free!

  • When to update – Don’t be scared into thinking you have to BLOG every minute of every day focus on your real estate business and use BLOGGING to make it grow!

  • How to BLOG – Not sure how? We go over how to write a post and are there to support you.

  • What topics should I cover in my real estate BLOG – don’t worry about this either as we have a list of topics and headlines you can use in your BLOG today!

A FREE Real Estate Blogging Book That Provides You The Methods To Succeed

We want you to be successful today in your real estate blogging efforts. In fact we put together a free book that isn’t just about blogging but will tell you how to succeed with your real estate website as well.

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To Your Success,

Joey Bridges

Joey Bridges

P.S. Still skeptical? The 5 Day Blog Course is absolutely FREE and will give you the methods and techniques you need to get results from your blog today. In fact, when you get day one you can skip ahead to the next day to get up to quickly get what you need to succeed.