"The right real estate contact management software is the single biggest reason why agents can stay in contact with many prospects at one time."

Why is it important to use contact management software that is designed for real estate professionals? It is not just important it is critical to the success as a real estate professional to use real estate contact management software. Contact Management software designed with real estate professionals makes the job of staying in touch with your contacts easier, more efficient and ultimately will generate more business.

So just what is real estate contact management software??

In the simplest of terms this is software that allows a real estate professional to add customer or soon to be customers to a database and schedule regular and recurring activities with these people.

Think of it in terms of having the help of an executive assistant that could cost you thousands per month for the cost of less than $40 per month. Real estate contact management software should allow you to do the following:

  • Store names, addresses, phone numbers of potential real estate clients

  • Allow you to categorize prospects from past clients and soon to be clients

  • Allow you to schedule calls, letters, and e-mails with these prospects to turn them into clients

  • Make it easy to send bulk e-mails and letters to clients to get them interested in your services

  • Make you look professional because you remember to send clients birthday cards, anniversary cards, and call when clients kids have birthday’s

What are some features to look for in real estate contact management software?

The number one thing that every real estate professional should look for in contact management software is ease of use. Not just ease of use rated by a service but one that you feel the most comfortable with. It should make sense to you and be something that you can see yourself using every day. That is not to say that there won’t be challenges with learning a new piece of real estate software but it should not be so strange that you won’t use it. After all real estate contact management software that is not used will not be effective at all and just be a waste of your time, effort, and money.

Some additional features that you may want to consider:

  • It is hosted by another company or do you have to install it on your computer

  • Is it specific for real estate – we would recommend that you use one designed for real estate professionals.

  • Do you get free tech support or do you have to pay for it. Some great products don’t have free tech support and some do so keep this in mind.

How do I learn more about real estate contact management software?

In the online real estate success members section we guide our members through not only the selection of contact management software but how to use their choice effectively to generate more business.
We don’t want you wasting time with software but using it to enhance your real estate business so you can do what you love to do and that is helping clients by and sell their homes.

We have put together an interactive learning environment to help quickly implement your desired contact management software. From in-depth videos, tutorials, audio lessons and checklists you will be able to learn quickly and apply it! We want you to quickly succeed with your choice so our courses were all designed with the idea that you want to learn and have limited time in which to do it.

These courses have been designed by professionals who have achieved success in the field of technology and as real estate brokers. Courses are designed to take up minimal time and give you what you need to succeed.

The courses cover the following and will continue to grow!

  • Website Fundamentals - understand what makes a successful real estate website.

  • Search Engine Optimization - Take the mystery out of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and learn the skills to take you to the top of Google and Yahoo. Understand the SERPs (Search engine results pages) and how your site can make it to the top 10 in both Yahoo and Google.

  • Blogging - Whether you have a BLOG or haven't started, understand how you can generate leads from your BLOG. Avoid the mistakes and have a winning strategy with your blog.

  • Google Adwords - Don't be scared of advertising online. Get targeted traffic to your website to deliver leads.  Don’t fear per click get step by step tutorials on how to set-up your first campaign.

  • Website content - Knowing what to write and how to write so you can get visitors there and have them contact you.

  • Master the internet buyer - Learn the scripts and follow up to turn those leads into appointments and business.

Want to learn how to pick the right real estate contact management software?

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