The big Secret every web vendor doesn’t want you to know….

Every Real Estate Agent can achieve success on the Internet!

That’s right the secret is that every agent, every lender, every person involved in real estate can succeed online and in fact can succeed for less than you think.

When we developed the Online Real Estate Success Program we developed it for one reason so that all real estate professionals never had to worry about where to turn to for advice on how to succeed online. Our mission is to make sure that every real estate professional can succeed online. By the way we define success on the internet as the ability to have your entire real estate business come from the Internet if that is what you want! That’s right depend solely on the Internet to deliver you listings, buyers, agent referrals, lending leads, and any kind of lead that you desire.

Who are these guys?

So who are we and why should you even listen to us? James and I have spent some time not just studying technology and how to make it make money for others but have spent our careers doing that. We graduated with honors from the University of Southern California where we majored and excelled in Business with an emphasis in Information Systems. Oh and while we were at school we started our own consulting company and even consulted, while in school, for fortune 500 companies in the entertainment and telecom industries. After college we were consultants in the fortune 500 where we continued to help large defense and automotive companies improve their IT systems. The day came where we finally started another company this time in real estate and this time we launched a different kind of Real Estate Company one that would depend on the Internet for its success.

Well 5 years later our real estate business still depends on the Internet for over 80% of it’s business. The other 20% is referral. That’s right our business is based off the Internet and we don’t just do 1 or 2 deals a month our team does 7-10 transactions each and every month and now does it without our help thanks to the systems we implemented. Oh and incase you thought we knew the area we started our real estate company in we didn’t. In fact we moved to a new area and started our company out of a 1 car garage. Oh and our team ranks in the top .05% of all agents in the company we work for.

The Problem

We found that many agents have the desire to succeed online they just don’t know where to go. They aren’t sure who to ask, what to ask for that matter, and just where to get started. Oh and no one wants to spend their last bit of money on a program, system, or seminar that doesn’t work because otherwise they have to go and get a job!

The Solution

So we created a program that doesn’t sell you a website, a blog, or any other piece of software. We created the membership program at to help you succeed today! In fact our system works because we can coach anyone to success in any market on any piece of software if they just follow our system and process. How can I say this? Well most agents in our area now no longer want to compete against us on the Internet because we show up on “every term” they can think of. How would you like it if you could be the agent that no one wants to compete with because you show up on “every term” that they can think of in Google™. That’s right the search engine that controls over 65% of the search market is where we do the best on and others are literally scared to compete against us. In fact if you visit places like Yahoo you will find us there as well. A customer searching for a property in our city literally will come across one if not all of the websites we operate.

So now you think well that’s because these guys used to build websites for large companies so they are going to sell me on some expensive consulting service. Well we aren’t. In fact our system works because you don’t need to be us you just need to know what to do.

And if you don’t like to read, our solution has audio, interactive tutorials and video tutorials so you don’t have to just read some 300 page book and try and figure things out yourself.

So ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I want more real estate business?

  • Do I want to be able to choose my clients and not have them choose me?

  • Do I want not only leads but transactions closing each and every month?

  • Am I tired of worrying that I won’t close another transaction?

  • Am I tired of wondering when I will meet the next person I can help buy or sell a home?

  • Am I read to believe that you don’t have to be technical to survive on the web?

  • Am I ready to have other agents not want to compete with me and have a market all to myself?

If you answered yes than you are ready. You can join now at and start achieving success today! Still not convinced? Well we tell you what we want to give you something that will help you even if you never decide you want the ultimate level of success. We built our system around helping others and we have something for you.

We created a FREE 34 page E-Book on how to succeed online. That’s right we wrote down how our business works, how we achieve success each and every month, how we never worry about having another transaction close and we are giving it away for FREE! Some said we are crazy but we believe that you should have the power to get the help you need and you should be armed with the answers so you can succeed not only on the Internet but throughout all of your real estate business.

So we want you to read the book and see how you can see how you can succeed online. We want you to know that you donít have to wait for someone to call you and grind you out on your commission. You can have the choice of who you want to work with and when you want to work with them.

By the way our system coaches you so that you can get leads for less than $1.75 per lead. Thatís right all those people who are selling leads to you at $15, $20, $25, $75, or $150 a lead are making lots of money. Now you can keep paying them and making them wealthy or you can start generating your own leads start controlling your future. If you want that we are here to help you today.

You can sign up for our coaching program for less than you probably spend at Starbucks. In fact we are so confident in our coaching program that there are never any long term contracts. In fact you can’t get one even if you asked for it! We believe we will continue to deliver value to each and every client every month we are willing to bet we will earn your business not once a year when it comes time to renew but each and every month because you can cancel at anytime. How many coaching programs allow you to do that?

Oh and if you don’t have any money how about if we gave you a way to pay for your membership through recommending others? Well we are the only known coaching program to offer a referral program for our members that allows them to get paid for each and every referral they bring in. In fact if you refer just 3 people your monthly membership is basically free! Not free for 1 month but free for each and every month!

So if you are looking for:

  • A real estate coaching program that is state of the art

  • A real estate coaching program that allows you to cancel at any time

  • A real estate coaching program that is designed to help you succeed

  • A real estate coaching program that allows you to refer others and be paid for it

Than the coaching program at is ready for you today. Come join not just another coaching program but a community dedicated and focused on your level of success.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our system we have a guarantee beyond your ability to cancel at any time. We know that our system is so effective that if it doesn’t work for you we will give you 1 more year for FREE!

Oh and we aren’t just saying that our program will pay for itself. If our system doesn’t pay for itself at least 5X the cost, then you can have 1 year on us. So what does it take to get this guarantee? Well the thing is we can’t check on you and it is up to you. All we ask is the following:

  1. Implement at least 2 of the 6 systems

  2. Attend at least 1 of the group coaching calls every month

That’s it! If you don’t generate at least 5X the cost of the system we will give you a year for FREE! You are the sole judge and jury of whether you achieved the 5X the amount you paid for the program. We want you to be successful. We want you to be the agent or lender who no one wants to compete with online.

If you are ready to achieve success then go to and sign up today so we can send you out our success guides so you can begin to succeed today. Don’t waste another minute not succeeding. After all you cancel at anytime and we are guaranteeing your success!