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Joey and Jamey Bridges
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You probably won't believe this but 90% of what you have been taught by a "veteran" real estate agent is wrong. It's not their fault. They were trained by people who had the best of intentions but not people who were experts in marketing much less marketing for real estate.

Most were taught that real estate marketing is all about:

  • Branding yourself is the only way that you can possible succeed in real estate and as long as you have a giant picture of yourself on everything that you send out you will be successful.

  • Letting everyone in the community, your friends, family, and associates know about how many homes you sold last year, the year before, and what awards that you got because of the number of homes.

  • Having a slogan that people can remember like "Everything I touch turns to sold" because when people here that they will automatically know your name, phone number, and to call you to sell their home.

These ways will work if you have enough time, money, and patience to work. So if you want to spend the next 22 years mailing out postcards with your face on it, having a picture on your business card or flyer that is 15 years out of date, and coming up with a slogan that you don't know if anyone will remember or care about then real estate marketing is not for you.

If on the other hand you are ready to have real etate marketing that actually works you can acheive success in a matter of days not weeks.

By the way you can do it without making cold calls. In fact I have never made a cold call and I personally have sold millions of dollars of real estate each and every year all with only calling people back from their own request. The most common thing I say is:

"This is Joseph Bridges returning your call from your request for information"

When you can say that then you are ready for real etate marketing that works. So what do you have to do to have real estate marketing that actually works? Well first you have to throw out the old way of doing things and get into the now and future of real estate marketing.

Discover The Secret To Marketing Your Real Estate Business on the Internet

Picture a day in your real estate career where everyone is beating down your door. They want to work with you and you get to pick and choose your clients. You get to decide who you want to work with, when you want to work, and how you work with them. People who don't follow your rules are not your clients and you are no longer answer the phone at midnight. That is real estate marketing that is working for you and not you working for it.

If you can't picture a world where are in demand you need to start there. When my brother and I started our real estate business out of a 1 car garage in Carson we believed that we could get out of it and that if we just made sure enough leads would come in then we would never have to worry about something closing each and every month.

Our system of lead generation is what we want to share with you and we wrote a free guide that will give you the roadmap to the system we still use today to generate over 300 leads each and every month.

To get our free guide that is over 35 pages and will guide you to a way of generating leads on the Internet that you success like never before. Just fill out your name and e-mail below and we will make sure to get this guide to you immediately.

“You Probably Won't Believe This But You Can Build A Brand On The Internet That Will Cause 87.5% of Buyers In Your Area To Know You And Want to Do Business With You”

I would love to say that in city everyone knows that my brother and I have a real estate team that does serious business(our team is the #1 team in an office of over 200 agents in a city that has over 2,000 real estate agents) and that they know we have a considerable share of the real estate market but they don't. What they do know is the websites that we operate. They just don't know who runs them and they don't really care.

All of our websites that we operate (and coach our clients on) have the same things in common:

  • The websites that we market have easy to remember names and they are the opposite names that people told us to buy in real estate. In fact there is only one thing that you can tell from our domain names (we cover what it is in our free guide and it isn't what you think).

  • The websites are focused on information that they want (not about us at all) and there is one thing that customers want more than anything and you have the power to give it to them and be their only choice for real estate help if you market it correctly.

  • It is easy to find what they need on the websites or the blog in seconds and there is so much information that they never have the desire to go back to Google, Yahoo, or MSN and try and find another real estate agent to help them.

Most agents build around themselves and that is a problem because you are trying to tell people about you and they just don't care. What they do care about is real estate and what they know is the area they want to be in or the area they are already in.

So build a brand on the Internet around the following:

  • Your city that you have expert knowledge in and even if you aren't an expert yet you will by the time you start writing about it and you will be perceived as the expert in a matter of months not decades.

  • Your development that you love to work in that you could see yourself spending all of your time in because you know all of the models, builders, and even the people who leave their.

  • Your neighborhood you live, work, and play in that people know and want to live in because they are searching for how they can get into the neighborhood they drive by every day searching for that perfect home.

People already know these things and if you deliver what they want that is real estate marketing that works. Don't let anyone tell you that your picture needs to be the biggest portion of your marketing. Fill in your marketing with information that people actually want.

“How Would It Feel If You Had Someone Hold Your Hand and Guide You Through Building Your Brand on the Internet?”

Branding around your area is just the first step into taking control of your marketing. You need to make sure to have the appropriate calls to action. What are calls to action? They are signals to the readers of your website, blog, flyer, sign rider, or mailer that compel the reader to take action and want to work with you at that very instant.

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To Your Success Online,


Joey & James Bridges

Joey & James Bridges

Real Estate Internet Marketing Coaches

CA Real Estate Brokers

P.S. We use the same exact system that we talk about in this book to continue to generate leads for our real estate team to this very day!