“Discover Real Estate Marketing Online Techniques That Generate Massive Amounts of Leads Of People Who Already Want Your Help.”

You Probably Won't Believe This, But Your Biggest Problem Will Be Making Time For All Of These Great New Leads To Come To Your Office

The cornerstone of any business is leads. In order to help todays home buyers and sellers you need to be where they are. Over 85% of home buyers start their search online. Tragically less than 20% of real estate professionals do anything to generate leads from the Internet.

How Would You Feel If Everyone Who Contacted You Actually Wanted To Hear From You?

Many strategies of real estate marketing are around deception of the customer. Some of them basically "trick" people into thinking they are getting great information, just so they give up a phone number so you can call them. How do those conversations go? Are those people really excited to hear from you? Or do they wonder why you are even calling?

I invite you to consider a different way of marketing your real estate business online. You can give people what they want and empower them to reach out and contact you! I'm sure you'll find that calling people who actually want to hear from you much more fun (and profitable) than tricking someone into giving up their information.

I'd Like To Show You How To Have An Effective Marketing Strategy Online

Developing an effective marketing strategy online is about more than just putting up a few ads on Google, crossing your fingers, and hoping that a flood of leads starts pouring into your Inbox.

You may or may not have noticed that getting quality leads contacting you through your website or blog isn't happening to every real estate agent. I would like to share with you the elements of an effective online marketing strategy that brings quality leads every day through your phone and e-mail. There isn't just one silver bullet, however, I would like to suggest that with focus in a few areas you will certainly have a flood of business.

  • Marketing Offline - Yes, offline methods can drive great online traffic. When you have effective calls to action on your traditional marketing pieces it will drive focused traffic to your website that will easily convert into fresh leads.

  • Real Estate Pay Per Click Ads - You may have tried Google Adwords or Yahoo Advertising before. With the right techniques you can bring motivated buyers and sellers to you for less than a cup of coffee (I am talking about the cheap coffee too...$1.60)

  • Search Engine Optimization - How would you feel if the people typing "your area Real Estate" found you at the top of the results? I will reveal how you can get to the top of the search engines and how this will play a vital role in your overall online real estate marketing success.

When You See the Techniques You Will Be Excited To Take Action

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To Your Success Online,

Joey Bridges

Joey Bridges

P.S. This book is action packed with information to help your online presence generate more leads today, not 6 months from now. I can't wait to hear about your success online.