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Dear Real Estate Professional,

Have you ever figured that if you could just say the right thing to the next buyer or seller that you would get them to sign the listing contract or get them to sign a buyer agreement?

We have all been there. I invite you to consider that you actually don't need to know the answers, you could just know the right questions to ask and prospects will feel compelled to come and meet with you. You probably won't believe this, but it won't entail memorizing some long drawn out "script".

Read on to discover more on how simple effective questions can help you turn the toughest objection into a happy appointment.

How Would You Feel If You Always Knew The Right Answer To ANY Question?

You could be more successful immediately when you have the the right answers every time. Have you ever noticed that the really top agents can answer any real estate question with either a powerful response or even better a thought provoking question that just draws you in?

Top agents have learned that they key to real estate success is understanding that prospects and clients will give you different objections. Understanding the most common objections, being able to handle them, and turn them into appointments will allow you to experience the results you have always dreamed of.

Have you ever had a buyer that feels they need to see 50 homes in order to find the right house?

I invite you to listen to the objection below on how to handle that objection:

Have you ever been standing at a property wondering whether the buyer would show up? After 10,15, 20 or more minutes of frustration you leave realizing that the buyer has just stood you up. What if you could make sure that never happened to you again because the next time that someone gave you the real estate objection to meet them at the property they were calling you had an answer so that they came to you in the office?

Consider the following below for an answer that a top agent would give to address this common real estate objection.

We Would Like To Suggest The Key To Being In Successful Real Estate Is Mastering Objections

We want you to be successful in real estate and we want to make sure that you have the greatest level of success in handling all objections by your future clients.

In fact we have put together a seriesof CDs that provide you with the techniques to handle 14 of the most difficult real estate objections that agents face every day.

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To your success,

Joey and James Bridges

James Bridges

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