"Real estate pay per click advertising is the biggest secret to INSTANT success on the Internet."

Agents shouldn't fear pay per click advertising they should embrace it and succeed with it.

What is pay per click advertising? Real estate pay per click advertising is the process of paying for ads on major search engines like Google™, Yahoo, and MSN. Your ads show up when a potential customer types in a word or phrase that you have selected to advertise on.

We know that when real estate pay per click advertising is done correctly it can be one of the greatest ways to get leads quickly and in an affordable manner.
Real estate pay per click advertising generates:

  • Direct traffic to your website

  • Only charges you when people click on your ad. You don’t pay just because your ad appeared to the user.

  • Allows you to get instant traffic to your website when it is brand new

  • Get affordable leads from your website.

Why doesn’t every agent use a real estate pay per click to their advantage?

Many agents don’t want to use pay per click advertising because they feel that they will:

  • Loose money

  • They need an expert

  • It isn’t profitable

  • They have been told not to

Let’s face it there are many more reasons than even the ones listed above that agents choose to not do pay per click advertising. The fact is you don’t need an expert and it is a highly profitable method of acquiring clients when done correctly.

How do I learn real estate pay per click?

You learn real estate pay per click by practicing it and following a proven method of success. You learn from experts who have made the mistakes that you want to avoid and will tell you what to do in order to avoid those mistakes. At Online Real Estate Success we have put together an interactive learning environment to help you see how real estate pay per click can work together with your other advertising. From in-depth videos, tutorials, audio lessons and checklists you will be able to learn quickly and apply it! We want you to quickly succeed with your real estate pay per click  efforts so our courses were all designed with the idea that you want to learn and have limited time in which to do it.
These courses have been designed by professionals who have achieved success in the field of technology and as real estate brokers. Courses are designed to take up minimal time and give you what you need to succeed.

The courses cover the following and will continue to grow!

  • Google Adwords - Don't be scared of advertising online. Get targeted traffic to your website to deliver leads.  Don’t fear per click get step by step tutorials on how to set-up your first campaign.

  • Blogging - Whether you have a BLOG or haven't started, understand how you can generate leads from your BLOG. Avoid the mistakes and have a winning strategy with your blog.

  • Website Fundamentals - understand what makes a successful real estate website.

  • Website content - Knowing what to write and how to write so you can get visitors there and have them contact you.

  • Master the internet buyer - Learn the scripts and follow up to turn those leads into appointments and business.

  • Search Engine Optimization - Take the mystery out of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and learn the skills to take you to the top of Google and Yahoo

Want to learn how to crush your competition with pay per click ads?

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