Don't know what to say to an internet buyer?

What if you were able to learn what to say so you could covert over 80% of your phone conversations to appointments?

The fears that prevent most real estate professionals from succeeding with leads from their website is that they don’t call their leads soon enough and when they get a hold of them, they just don’t know what to say to get the appointment.  Knowing the right things to say to someone who found you online will make the difference between 0 appointments a month and holding as many as you want.

I have learned scripts before, how are these different?

These scripts and the ones that are on our CD’s have been tested on over 10,000 phone calls on just internet buyers.  These scripts have enabled our team to meet with 100’s of clients each and every year so that we can to choose who we want to work with.  We have found that working “internet leads” takes a different approach from your traditional sign calls and magazine ads.  Understanding the correct approach will enable you to feel success on your calls while the incorrect approach will have you grumbling like others saying “Internet leads just don’t work”.  The good part is you get to decide who you want to be!

People looking on the internet, aren’t just looking!  They do buy!

One of the biggest reasons I hear that agents never start to working leads from the internet is that “those people are just looking, they never buy”. The reality is that with 89% of buyers starting their research on the internet, they certainly are purchasing, they are just starting with the internet as their information source. In reality, you may certainly get a person who contacts you from your website and they might say “thank you, but I am just looking”. Now, instead of getting frustrated and hanging up that phone thinking those people just want you to do free work, here is what you can say instead:

By optimizing the new pages you add to your website you will be able to rank well in the search engines and get some great free traffic coming to your wesbite. Optimizing each new page on your website means that you focus on key areas of your page to place keywords so the search engines understand what your page is about.

Now, isn’t that a helpful approach?  Understanding their needs and then being able to show how you can help them with what’s important to them will help you to get that appointment.  Then you have the opportunity to break down their fears and enable them to achieve their goal!

I need business today and most internet buyers are looking over 6 months!

This is another fear that stops many agents from working leads from their website and makes them go back to open houses or door knocking.  The reality is that leads from any source, whether it be real estate magazine ads, newspapers, or open houses can take time.  The nice part about leads from your website is that there are people who can purchase today and people who are looking to purchase 6-9 months from now.  The real question is how do you tell who can purchase today and who really is looking down the road?  I know it might be shocking, but you need to ask!  Some people think the process takes that long.  When someone tells us that they are looking 6-9 months from now, here is how we handle it:

Asking questions to determine how they came up with the time frame will help you to quickly determine if they can achieve their goal sooner rather than later.

Consistently converting those leads

Consistently converting leads takes knowing what to say when the prospect on the phone gives you an objection.  We have put together our top 15 objections that we have experienced on over 10,000 phone calls.  Learn how to handle these objections:

  1. I'll call you back

  2. I want to offer 50% of List price

  3. Let's wait to see if the price drops

  4. I don't want to meet with a lender

  5. I can afford $250,000

  6. I don't want to work with only 1 agent

  7. I have an agent

  8. I have to check with my spouse first

  9. I have to sell my place first

  10. I just want the price

  11. I just want to see the property

  12. I want to see 50 properties

  13. I think the property is 4 out of 10

  14. I want a deal

  15. I will meet you at the property

Don’t be stumped any longer and don’t be one of those agents who say “internet leads don’t work”.  Start getting your unfair share of business from your website!

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