The BIG Secret SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Professionals don’t want you to know

Every Real Estate Professional can be their own SEO person with our system and in only an hour a week!

Every real estate professional has heard the term SEO and that they need it or they can’t live without it. But what is SEO and with the cost that some of these companies are talking about how can a real estate professional expect to pay the SEO professional and make any kind of living in real estate?

Well it comes down to the secret that most SEO professionals don’t want you to know because if you did you wouldn’t pay them $280 a page that they write. That’s right many SEO professionals charge real estate professionals $280 a page and most won’t do less than 10 pages or charge you $2,800 for 10 pages that you could write yourself with just a little bit of training.

If this sounds too good to be true trust me it isn’t just finish reading this page and let me explain everything. By the way I will even give you a FREE E-book on how to do Internet Marketing on your real estate website. This book outlines the system I use to make my teams website generate over 300 leads every month and it is also the same system that I use to coach real estate professionals like you to success every month in our online success coaching program. But let’s not worry about that let me tell you how you can do your own SEO work with just a little bit of help.

Understanding the terminology

First SEO professionals wow and amaze people with words that are much simpler than they appear. Some of these words are as follows:

  • Keywords – knowing what people search on

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

  • SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

  • Know what to even write about

So they don’t want you to know that these words, while important, are not the most important thing that you need in order to succeed. In fact I will tell you that the FREE E-book that you can ask for on this page covers just about ever term you are ever going to need to know and I am going to give it to you for FREE.

The Truth

The realities of writing engaging content are SEO and that creates search engine pages that make you rise to the top of the search engines. Now you won’t get their overnight but you will get there. I took a word that had over 3.2 million results in Google and 90 days later I was on the first page! That’s right the system that I am talking about will allow you to beat your competitors into the ground.

Most of the information that you need to write powerful pages that will allow you to dominate in the search engines is already in your head.  In order to bring it out, you just have to know the right steps to succeed.  Knowing the right steps and what to do is why we wrote the Complete Guide to Writing Successful Web Content.

The Solution

Succeeding in the search engines through powerful content is one of the most cost effective ways to get your site into the top 10 of search engines like Google and Yahoo.  But if just writing high quality content can help people succeed, why don’t more people do it?

First the advice that most people follow is incorrect. They listen to someone who is not qualified to give them the advice. I have taken our teams websites and multiple coaching clients to the top not because I am guessing but because I am using a proven system that I have developed. You have to follow a checklist and it is simple to make sure that your page meets the criteria of two people who are going to see it.

  1. Your Next Customer – These are the most important people to write for

  2. The Search Engines – While everyone focuses on the search engines they are the second people you write for.

The second truth about SEO is the simple truth is that most people do not update their websites frequently enough. That’s right you can’t just buy 10 pages from an SEO person and stay at the top of the search engines results. That may get you there temporarily but you are better off having a long term plan to keep you at the top of the search engine results.

“The system that Jamey has developed is the single biggest reason that my real Brandi Cushingestate business grew last year while others failed. I not only bought his system but I am a coaching client of his and I have been pleased from day one. My market is extremely competitive on PPC (Pay Per Click) so the only way I can stay in the business and not go broke is to use Jamey’s content system”

Brandi Cushing, Marina Del Rey, CA

In fact many professionals in the real estate business build their website up to 10 or even 15 pages and then consider their websites “done”.  Would you run the same newspaper ad or real estate magazine ad for years?  Absolutely NOT!  You change the houses in the ads, the descriptions and the prices every time you run the ad.  This sounds completely normal, but yet many real estate professionals want to run the same website month after month.   One of the easiest ways to succeed online is to just to keep writing content on a monthly basis.

Now I don’t want you to spend every minute of every day adding content. After all you are in the real estate business not the website development business. Remember at the top of this page I said you could do SEO in 1 hour a week? Well that is because if you added 1 page a week after some practice that will take you about 35 minutes and your web vendor, in most cases, will put it up for you. What will you do with the other 25 minutes? Well let’s talk about some keywords and see where we can spend that time.

Sounds great, but what about those keywords?

Keywords are the search words that people are typing into Google and Yahoo. You know how when you want to find a new doctor you might type “Doctors in Spring Valley”. Well people are doing that every day looking for real estate professionals on literally thousands of different search terms.

Now if you start reading different BLOGS you might go crazy thinking you have to know about all of the different keywords that people are searching on.  While using tools like WordTracker will help you to understand in great detail what people are searching for online, you don’t need it in order to start writing content. 

Here is another secret that the SEO professionals don’t want you to know. You already have the most important key words in your head. That’s right your expertise is where the most important keywords are located. As you start to write about your area of expertise, let’s say “Spring Valley California Homes” it will be inevitable that you will describe the area in terms like “Real Estate in Spring Valley, Spring Valley Real Estate, or even Spring Valley Homes” just to give someone an understanding about what is possible.  You may not realize it but you are using keywords!  By just describing the area that you work in you will be using keywords.

If you run out of words using the technique above I have one more I want to share with you that is absolutely FREE.

Call your friends and past clients and ask them the following question:

“If you didn’t know me how would you search for real estate on the Internet?”

That one question will yield literally hundreds of different words and is a great touch point to remind your clients you are in real estate and focused on technology. By the way I had one client literally get 500 words from that exercise and they are now dominating in their area in Southern California.

If you don’t write on what the customer is looking for you are wasting time!

Another secret that SEO professionals won’t tell realtors is that if you write on subjects that your customer is not looking for you are just wasting your time and your money with them.

Since we don’t want you do this we thought we would give our 8 steps to writing Power Packed Content that is directly from our content system.

8 Steps to Writing Power Packed Content

Don’t get stopped by writers block!  Having a consistent method to create content for your real estate website can free you to easily create pages for your website.  Use our 8 step process so you can create informative content that will keep visitors at your website and not going to your competitors.

  1. Research the area that you want to write about.

    1. This can be done with other websites or at the library.

    2. Remember no one knows your area better than you do.

  1. Take pictures of the area

    1. A picture is worth a thousand words!

    2. Take a few pictures of sample homes so you have a few to choose from. You may end up using two or three on the page. Walking through the area will also help you support your research and give you more to write about.

  1. Look at a map, preferably your MLS map, to get an idea of the boundaries of the neighborhood.

    1. Always mention the boundaries of an area in your content

    2. The MLS map is a great source of content that you can use to write great pages of content.

  1. Use the MLS to determine general lot sizes, home sizes, etc. if you don’t know this information.

    1. We always use the MLS to check all of our findings.

  1. Write up a draft of the area that you selected.

    1. This should take you no more than 30 minutes.

  1. Review and edit your draft and place your pictures in your document.

    1. If you aren’t good at editing have a friend help you.

  1. E-mail the content to your webmaster or put the content up yourself.

  1. Check to make sure that it appears as you had envisioned.

Are you ready to write content that truly dominates in Google and Yahoo?

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