“A Real Estate System That Will Have You Closing At Least 1 Sale a Month Every Month and At Least 12 Sales Every Year Regardless of Market Conditions!”

We Would Like To Show You How A Real Estate System Does The Work For You

Dear Real Estate Professional,

If you've ever wanted your real estate business to generate transactions for you each and every month, without working 7 days a week or breaking your bank account...then this will be the most important message you ever read.


Because you have stumbled upon a complete system for your real estate business that has been proven to work in any region in the country.

It will allow you to have a business that gives you the freedom you have always desired and generate a volume of transactions that will make the largest producers in your city jealous.

Discover The Methods That Generate Transactions Every Month

Have you ever wondered why there are some agents who sell 4, 6, 8, or 10+ homes a month? What do these agents have figured out and they aren’t willing to share with others?

They have a real estate system that they are using to generate business for themselves and their teams day in and ay out. They have their real estate systems dialed in to make sure they make the income they want to based on the money they spend.

You are probably thinking, "sounds nice, but those big agents have big budgets". Maybe they do have big budgets (you will actually be able to produce more with less), but a good system will help you to start small and grow as big as you want.

We want you to learn the "dirty little secrets" that they won't tell you like...

  • Why spending big money on billboards, bus benches, and phone booths actually generates fewer calls than a .20 pay per click ad

  • How writing what you already know about your area is better than going to a seminar to learn some new "trick" or "method" for making more sales

  • Why simple, almost ugly, websites and blogs generate more business than you can handle (and it costs less than you think)

You will discover how just simple actions will quickly result in fresh, motivated leads for your real estate business. Our real estate system will help you to generate more leads (cheaply) and start converting them today into business.

We Invite You To Consider A Complete Real Estate System

Joey and Jamey Bridges
Discover the
Free Real Estate Internet Marketing Book
By Joey and James Bridges,
Real Estate Internet Marketing Coaches

Many agents want to have a real estate system that they can count on, but they don't know where to look. Systems that generate and leads are often looked at as "too expensive". After all, you just don't want to hear another person at a seminar state "Just 1 transaction and this system pays for itself". What a waste!

A good real estate system will generate a 5, 10, or even 20 times return for you after just 1 transaction. Never again buy into a system where you have to close a transaction just to break even, because that is a total waste of money.Real Estate System

The key part is to pick a complete real estate system that has different systems to it so you can choose the ones that best fit your personality. When you do it this way you will have more fun and you will stick with it and truly experience the success you have always envisioned.

You Could Find A System That Matches Your Personality And Experience Tremendous Results

We want you to have a free guide to give you a start on creating a real estate system that is going to work for you and your personality. Our free 35+ page guide "Internet Marketing for Real Estate Professionals" will give you what you need to create your very own real estate system.

In our Free power packed Internet Marketing for Real Estate Ebook you will be able to learn how you can take action in the many different online marketing methods.

You will learn:

  • Why Real Estate Blogging isn't about being a good writer and how writing like a 5th grader will actually generate you more business

  • How to avoid the mistakes of real estate pay per click that 90% of real estate agents make (and it's not what you think)

  • Why constantly learning new "tricks" on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't necessary to dominating the top spots in Yahoo and Google

  • Why "being technical" gives you NO advantage to succeeding online (in fact it often slows you down)

The great part is you will get all of this in our free guide and it is written so that you can start implementing changes to your online presence in minutes not days or weeks. In order to get this guide just fill in the form above with your name and e-mail and we will get this guide out to you immediately.

When you want a complete real estate system where there is no guessing and you can start improving your business today we have that too. Keep reading as we reveal a total real estate system that you can use from day one.

How Would You Feel If A Real Estate System Generated 24 Closings Every Year?

A real estate system can’t be called a "system" unless it generates at least 24 transactions a year. It also must do this in an affordable manner so that you don’t go broke trying to make it work.

An effective real estate system must be affordable, repeatable, and achievable for anyone. If it is going to work in the field of real estate then it must also generate a return that is at least 10 to 1! This means for every dollar your put in the system you should get 10 out. It should be able to do this in a good market, bad market, or any market!

Our complete Lead Generation and Script System will allow you to have an endless supply of people to contact, refer,help and at the schedule that you determine.

The Complete Lead Generation and Script System will give you the insights and tools to succeed quickly.

You will find the best methods like:

  • How marketing offline is one of THE best ways to generate traffic to your website and can instantly improve your traffic by 10% in the next month

  • How following 5 simple rules will save you thousands of dollars annually on your pay per click ads (did you know most agents miss these 5 rules and they don't even know it?)

  • Why you don't have to know anything about keywords to dominate in the search engines and how a simple keyword research method that does NOT require any technical skills, software or even a computer will have you dominating the top spots.

Consider A Step By Step Lead Generation and Script System

Along with our Free Internet Marketing Ebook we developed a complete lead generation and script system. We Real Estate Systemeliminated the guess work so you can get down to business, start generating more leads and closing more business today.

When you implement this system you will have leads from motivated clients who want to work with you every day. You will close business each and every month just by following simple step-by-step instructions for success.

  • 5 CD's to convert leads to appointments - Get our buyer role play, buyer role play II, buyer objection, buyer agent mindset, & buyer voicemail CD. These CD's make it easy to get buyers to call you back, convert buyers to appointments, and get buyers to write offers.

  • 3 CD's for lead generation & conversion- Both online success CD 1 and CD2. You also get the transcript CD that includes the word for word transcripts of the buyer role play 1 & II, buyer objection CD, & voicemail CD so you can see exactly how the experts convert leads to appointments in 3 minutes or less.

  • 4 Success System Guides - If you are looking to generate leads from the Internet you & you want step-by-step guides our systems are designed for you. 4 separate guides each on a separate topic. A complete guide to blogging, real estate seo, real estate content for the Internet, & Google pay per click advertising.Each system sold separately would cost over $300.

Real Estate Agent Success System BasicReal Estate Lead Generation & Script System Basic($249): Get 8 CD's, all of the success guides, a success folder for your system. As a special bonus you also get our buyer interview sheet so you can get buyers to sign a buyers agreement and agree to pay you for your service!

Real Estate Agent Success System BasicReal Estate Lead Generation & Script System Gold($299): You get everything from our Basic system as listed above plus 3 months of 1 on 1 coaching from us. You get complete access to us so you can get up and running on the Internet and start generating business immediately. This 3 months of membership would normally cost you $300 but you get it for FREE with the Gold system. You also get two 30 minute coupons to use anytime you want for evaluating your website, blog, or advertising campaign. These coupons normally cost $199 each but you get this $398 value free with the Gold System.

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60 Day Money Back GuaranteeThe Ultimate Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

No other program made for real estate professionals is willing to guarantee that it will work. No one else is going to give you a program so easy, so simple, and so effective that they will guarantee that you will have success.

This system is so effective we guarantee that if you listen to these CD's just twice and implement just 2 of the systems in under 60 days you will be:

  • Generating more traffic to your website or blog, resulting in at least 50 leads and have at least 1 transaction in escrow.

  • Able to cut your spending on your online and traditional marketing by 50% because you will KNOW what actually works and is generating you business each and every month

  • Booking buyers for appointments in under 3 minutes without frustration, fear of rejection, and without becoming someone who just answers the phone for every buyer only to get hung up on after you give them the information they are looking for.

If you aren't increasing your web traffic, booking more appointments, saving money on your marketing and closing more business with ease, & in less time then we will happily give you a full refund of the product less shipping and handling. The bonuses are yours to keep just return the system to us.

No questions asked, no hassles, you are the sole judge and jury of how the system worked for you! This Guarantee comes on each level of product, so you can choose the one that is the best fit for you with absolutely no risk.

Joey and Jamey Bridges

P.S. When you get the complete Real Estate Lead Generation and Script System in the Gold edition you get two coupons to speak with Joe or myself. That means you can ask the toughest questions you have been scowering the web to get answers to immediately. No guessing involved, we look at your website or blog and give you the answers you need to start improving your business today.

P.P.S Still skeptical? We completely understand, you don't know either of us and you aren't sure if the program is for you. But consider this...

How powerful and *results oriented* must our system be if one of the nations leading real estate coaches adopted our systems for his clients.

Todd Bates“These Guys Know How To Generate Leads Online And Make Them Turn Into Business ”

"This is the easiest and simplest internet system that will generate a return for your real estate business, and it will do it for cheap!"

Todd Bates
Nationally Recognized Real Estate Coach
Denver, Colorado