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Don't just have a blog, make it work for you

There are many real estate agents out there who know they "have to have" a real estate blog. You could certainly get a blog, just like many agents have had a website for years, but then you might just have another tool out there that doesn't work for you.

So how do you make your blog work for you?Get Real Estate Blog

The first step to having your blog work for you is understanding what you need to do to make it popular.

Fresh Content

Deciding on how often to update your blog is essential to it's success. Before you get stressed out thinking that you have to update your blog every minute of the day here are 3 different ideas on how often to update your blog.

  1. Monthly - This would be the absolute minimum. It will take you awhile to see results this way but you will have a voice out there.

  2. Weekly - Updating your just once a week is a great way to start. It makes it so it's easy to get started and takes just 20 minutes a week to do.

  3. Daily - Here is what many of the top real estate bloggers in the country do. This means you will be doing 20-30 posts a month. It's not as hard as you think, but you may want to build up to it.

Starting with the mindset that you need to update your blog to bring the visitors will enable you to acheive success your competition only dreams off. Know that 90% of all new blogs fail within 3 months, so stick with it longer than 90 days and you will have a winner!

At Online Real Estate Success we developed a complete Blog system so you can know what you need to do to have a successful blog from day one. Rather than sell you software, we put together a system that you can use today, whether you have a blog or if you have one currently that isn't bringing you leads.

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If you aren't reaady to get the complete real estate blog system today, our 5 day Real Estate Blogging course will help you to learn the fundamentals and it's totallly free. In the course you will learn:

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