“Learn Online, Learn Quickly, And Get Explosive Growth For Your Business...Just By Sitting in Front of Your Computer”

Short courses designed to get you quick help and improve your business

If you have been scouring the web to find an online real estate course that would get you the help you need in days not weeks or months, then you have come to the right place. We have put together these different courses to get you the help you need for the specific problem that you have.

All of the courses are designed with the intent for you to take action that will immediately have an impact in your business. The courses feature:

  • In-depth MP3's covering the latest techniques from conversion scripts to online marketing.

  • Real Life Examples - Don't guess on what needs to be done, we give you exactly what you need to do for your business. Take our example ads, scripts, web pages and use them in your own business to start seeing immediate results.

  • Training Videos - Short videos so you can learn what you need and then apply it to your online marketing efforts.

The courses are so in-depth we don't recommend signing up for all of them at once. Pick the topic you need and when your course is over, come on back here and sign up for the next course that you would like to master.

Real Estate Blog Course - 5 Day Course

Learning about Blogging is much more than just learning how to write. Understand the skills, software, and techniques that drive serious traffic to your website that turns into serious business takes some learning. Our 5 day Blog course will have you generating leads each and every month.


Maximize your real estate Blog Book“Generate Leads with Your Blog”

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Buyer Scripts Course - 3 Day Course

You will quickly experience success with your online marketing efforts and your biggest problem really will be how to convert those leads into business. Knowing the right questions to ask is essential to having success online. Our 3 Day course is designed to help you learn how to make phone calls where you will have a 90% conversion rate in less than 3 minutes.

In this course you will get:

  • What to say to a lead on your first phone call that will lead to an appointment

  • How to approach your phone calls so it's fun, not a chore

  • How to call less and get more appointments

SEO Course - 5 Day Course

Getting to the top of Google, Yahoo, and MSN isn't something that happens by accident or requires an advanced degree. You can get to the top of the search engines and have a flood of FREE traffic to your website if you follow some simple steps to success. In this course you will learn.

  • The "secret" to writing content for your website that makes it EASY and makes the search engines crave more

  • Where to submit your website so the search engines know you exist today!

  • What calls to to action to use to compel visitors to contact you

  • What changes you need to make on EACH page of your website to start seeing some real results

After this 5 day course you will quickly see that you can do SEO yourself and see some serious results quickly. Sign up today to start dominating the search engines by tomorrow.


Real Estate SEO System“Increase your leads with SEO”

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Real Estate Pay Per Click

Quickly mastering pay per click means you can have as many customers as you want. Avoid the mistakes that 95% of real estate professionals make when starting pay per click advertising. Our in-depth report will have you generating traffic and leads from your website in under an hour. In this report you will learn:

  • How running two ads will save you money

  • How a domain name can improve your ad performance by 20% or more

  • How many times to use a keyword in your ad so your ad gets clicked more and costs less than your competition


Improve Google Adwords System

“5 Ways to Improve your Google Ads by over 50%”

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