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Dear Real Estate Professional,

Joey and Jamey Bridges
Jamey and Joey Share
Internet Marketing Techniques to Generate
Closed Transactions Monthly

Wandering through the maze of the internet to determine the most effective online marketing for your real estate business can be frustrating. Going from blog to blog, website to website, all to be left with the same question...where do I start?

Getting your online marketing going starts with the first step...

Each person is different so the first step for you, may be entirely different than your fellow agent down the hall. It is important to match the right online marketing system to your personality. Find the niche for your personality and you will have explosive growth!

So, again, where do you start?

Start with understanding the different pieces of marketing online for real estate that are available to you, and then decide which will work best for you. Don't worry that it will cost alot, we will even give you a FREE place to start so you can learn more before you make the leap.

Real Estate Websites

Contrary to popular belief, these aren't dead! Real estate websites still dominate many of the top search engine rankings. Get into creating a powerful online marketing strategy with a website means you are prepared to write about your favorite neighborhoods in detail, support it with a good pay per click campaign, and follow up on all of the leads that come in.

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Real Estate Blogs

Real Estate Blogs are a wonderful element to online marketing. Don't believe all of the hype that you will sky rocket to the top of Google in 30 days, it will take some work. Getting into real estate blogging means you enjoy writing, sharing about your community, and a commitment to providing updates at least 3 times a week. These updates need to be action packed and thought provoking to get customers to contact you.

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Social Networking

Social Networking is gaining by leaps and bounds everyday, but few people are capitalizing on the real power by turning into business. If you want to be successful at a social networking system you need to enjoy making new contacts daily, updating your activities to allow people insight into your life, work your online network like your traditional referrals.

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Real Estate Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a sure fire way to get instant traffic and leads from your online marketing. It takes an investment of some time and money but there is no quicker way to see if your website and blog are working than sending direct and targeted traffic. You will enjoy doing pay per click if you are willing to invest money in marketing, try new pages on your website or blog, and work with customers who are ready to act today.

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It is important to start with an element of marketing that is the best fit for your personality. Remember, if you don't like writing tons of new content each week, don't start with a blog! Choose a system that you will enjoy and you will stick with it and then expand into other areas.

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To your success,

Joey and Jamey Bridges

Joey and James Bridges

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