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Have you ever typed a search into Google just hoping that the information you needed would come up in the top spot? I mean the information that you need to solve your problem right now, not 6 months from now.

Sometimes you just don't have the time to waste to be typing search after search in hopes of finding an article that will make your online real estate marketing start generating business, not just giving you one more thing to "try".

In addition to our real estate blog, we also write articles that are sydicated all across the web. We know you don't have time to waste trying something new that hasn't been proven to work, that's why we have put our best articles here for your review.

These articles are concise and designed to give you steps to take for your real estate business so you can start getting more leads and generating more business. Everything from generating more traffic to how to convert the leads once you receive them are written here.

When you want more help beyond these articles, we have some great real estate training products; however, these articles are jam packed with information so be prepared to experience information that will quickly change your business.

We have featured some of our most popular articles below. The widget you see here will display the latest articles that we have written. Each one is packed with information that you can immediately apply to your real estate business, so have fun and take a read of a few articles.

We would love to hear what you think about any of our articles. You may also use the Social Bookmarks links to the left to share the articles with those in your network.

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A balanced online real estate marketing strategy will involve at least 4 systems. Discover more about 7 different systems and choose 4 that are the best fit for you. Each one will give you the opportunity to generate leads and business each and every day.
Make sure your real estate website has the punch to attract customers and empower them to contact you. A small change in the focus of your marketing efforts can make all the difference between visitors picking up the phone and you wondering why no one is contacting you.
Booking more appointments doesn't mean the "hard sell", it means asking the right questions so it's easy for your next customer to agree. Learn these 4 steps and book an appointment on your next phone call.
Your real estate blog should be generating you business each and every month. Learn the simple steps needed to ensure that your blog is working hard for you by providing leads every day for you to contact.
Writing blog posts is one thing, getting people to read them is a whole different story. Learn the tips and tricks to make sure your headlines draw visitors to your real estate blog and keep them there.
Discover the techniques that will have your testimonials generating business for you. You can't just paste up some text and expect people to feel compelled to contact you.
We share the methods you need to ensure that everyone who lands on your website or blog has the chance to make you money.
A real estate marketing strategy can be simple. Take a look at these 3 simple steps to start getting more traffic and get to the top of the search engines.

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To Your Success Online,

Joey and James Bridges

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