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Be Competitive by finding more keywords

If you are taking the time to write your own content on your real estate website, then you will want to maximize those efforts by writing your content with the keywords that people are searching for. Wordtracker is a powerful tool that can help you to uncover the keywords that your competition is missing.

Wordtracker is an easy to use tool and has in-depth articles so you can learn more about finding the keywords that people are searching. Try their Wordtracker Academy to see some of the wonderful resources they have put together.

With Wordtracker in your arsenal of tools you will be able to do the following:

  • Find hundreds of keywords instead of 30 or 40

  • Save projects so you can be up to date on new words

  • Determine how competitive keywords are

  • Know the right words to use in your content, Pay-per-click, and BLOG postings!

Wordtracker has a free trial so you can experience the power of this tool. We wrote a 3 page report that you can get for FREE so you can learn even more about searching for keywords using Wordtracker.