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Social Networking For Real Estate
Stand out from the crowd with the right methods of
social networking

Social networking in the field of real estate continues to be adapted quickly by real estate professionals, yet many agents struggle with how to actually generate leads and get clients from their social network.

Consider The Old Rules Of Networking

First and foremost when approaching social networking remember that it is not a new concept.  The aspect of staying in touch with people that you can help and that can help you is a concept that many know of but few people actually implement.  In fact, if you want a jump start to really getting going with understanding how to build an effective network read Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to Rich RelationshipsSocial Networking by Jeffrey Gitomer.

Taking the same methods and applying them online certainly works and it will take away some of the apprehension that many face before starting. Let’s start though with just a few items that we can do right off the bat and have fun and see results from our networking efforts. 

You Might Want to Be Social

Being social with your network means letting people know who you are, but in a form that is in-line with the online tools that are available.  So how can we make sure to keep social with our network without it consuming our time? 

  1. Status Updates - Whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, or another social networking system you need to keep people in the loop on what you are doing.  Updating your status on what you are doing let’s your network keep in touch with you without having to pick up the phone or even e-mail you directly!  It may sound silly, but you can update your status with very simple items like “Heading to downtown to check out new condos” or “Swinging by Buono’s for a great Calzone”.  Don’t over emphasize your real estate aspect because it will look too much like you are pushing for a sale.

  2. Upload Pictures - Facebook and Myspace are the most well known for their picture sharing ability so make sure to use that aspect.  Whether you are using the camera phone on your Blackberry or the new Flip make sure to upload photos on what you are up to.  Again, this does not just mean taking pictures of homes and condos live a little!  I uploaded photos from a car show I went to in Belmont Shore.  Uploading personal items like these will help people connect with you on a personal level and bring you clients that have similar interests.

  3. Reach out - Your connection with your network shouldn’t stop after you hit “Add as Friend”.  Part of being successful with your social networking efforts means truly connecting with your network.  Take the time to send a note, or comment on their pictures so they can see that you are of value for more than just the time when you need to help them buy or sell. 

Just practicing these 3 items with your network will help you to see results.  You will find that the more you check-in with comments, status updates, and pictures the more that people will also check-in with you.  These actions will keep you in touch with your network to the point that they will feel comfortable asking you real estate questions without the feeling that they will be “sold” to. 

Discover More About Social Networking

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We look forward to hearing about your successes.

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