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Social Networking For Real Estate
Build a powerful network with Facebook.
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Facebook is one of the most powerful and fastest growing social networks. With features that are unique among social networks it cotinues to gain in popularity.

Due to the large number of features (and they continue to improve) it can be confusing for many users. For the real estate professional there are specific methods to consider using to get the most from your use of Facebook.

How The Right Applications Can Mean Massive Likes and Leads

Facebook has grown quickly due to it's open platform that allows developers to build applications for the Facebook community for free. These applications are generally free and have all types of different functions.

Some applications are fun, some are for business, and some help you to add value to your network easily. Before you go searching for applications (there are thousands) here are some items to consider before adding them to your profile.

  1. What will make it easier for you to stay in touch for those in your network?

  2. What application could you use to add value to your network?

  3. How can you make your social network efforts more efficient?

With these objectives in mind you can start your search for applications that will help. A couple of ideas to start are the following apps.

Take Time With Your Profile to Compliment Your Fan Page

Your Profile is the virtual version of you. Take time to fill out your profile in detail, before you make a single Friend request. Too often people start making Friend requests without having their information filled out in detail and that is a bit mistake!

Here are just three items to start with before you go out and build your network of friends and colleagues on Facebook.

  1. Photo - Get a photo of yourself uploaded first and foremost. This can be a fun photo or a professional photo. Over time you can certainly change your profile photo, just make sure it's a good representation of who you are. Photos that are a little too much on the "fun" side may not help you generate more business. Remember this is public so everyone will be viewing these photos.

  2. Personal Information - The personal information section is your opportunity to share insights about yourself. In addition to the "About Me" section take time to fill out some of the items like "Favorite Movies" so people can get an insight into what you are all about. It takes just a few minutes and is worth while so people can get in and join the conversation.

  3. Contact Information - Don't forget this section! This is your opportunity to make sure it's easy for people to contact you. Put your websites, blog, and phone information so people can actually reach out to you in the "real" world.

Facebook continues to grow and change along with it's users. Having success in Facebook means joining the conversation and adding value to those in your network.

Once you have filled out your profile, added some pictures, don't forget to add us as part of your network - James Bridges on Facebook and Joseph Bridges on Facebook

Oh remember, once you are done with your Personal Profile, don't forget to create a Facebook Fan Page to really get your business going.

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We look forward to hearing about your successes.

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