“Bring Social Networking To Your Real Estate Website With Facebook Connect And Increase Your Conversions”

The era of the Internet where consumers can interact with each other and with websites is generally known as Web 2.0.  Adding Web 2.0 features to a website used to be prohibitively expensive.  Now, new applications and companies have allowed everyone in real estate to add powerful features for free.

Some of the features that can help real estate professionals the most are those that enable visitors to share their voice and embrace their community. Being in the field of real estate we are an integral part of the community, after all, we help build neighborhoods by bringing in new families and individuals ever year! 

With the explosion of social networking has come an abundance of new tools and features.  Some tools improve efficiency, some allow you to stay connected, and still others allow you to integrate social networking features with your real estate website.   Since there are many ways to drive traffic to your website from pay per click, to real estate SEO, adding features that allow your community to connect with you and each other can dramatically improve your conversion rates.

At one time adding community features to a website required custom programming or a major investment in development, but not any longer.  Now, with Facebook, you can use the Facebook Connect functionality to allow visitors to your real estate website to share their voice on your website.

One of the easiest features to put on your website is one that allows visitors to post comments on the pages on your site.  The feature that empowers your visitors to post comments is called the Comments Widget Box.

The screen shot below shows what the comments widget box will look like on your website if someone is not logged into their Facebook account:

Facebook Widget Comment Box on Your Website
Allow users to post comments easily to pages on your
real estate website

Facebook gives you the HTML to copy and paste into your website.  It takes just minutes and allows your visitors to take action on any page of your website.

With this added functionality your website quickly gains the power of a real estate blog.  You can administer the comments, make comments in response, and your visitors can even post their comments to their Facebook account! 

Here is what one of the pages on your website can look like when people make comments:

Facebook Comments Widget Box with Comments On Your Website
Make comments back to your visitors and manage the comments

Now instead of your website being just a place where people can read more about homes, condos, or neighborhoods, your visitors can interact and let you know their needs.  Bringing the power of Web 2.0 and Social Networking to your website will get the conversation started on your website and give your visitors the confidence to reach out to you for their real estate needs.

It's your turn to try it! Please let us know what you think in the Facebook comment box below. We hope you come back and share how visitors are enjoying it on your website as well.

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