“Get More Out Of Social Networking in Real Estate With LinkedIn”

Social Networking For Real Estate with LinkedIn
Build your professional network with LinkedIn.
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Each social networking website has it's own niche. LinkedIn has consistently set itself apart from the other networks from the very beginning.

LinkedIn has been traditionally identified as the "business" network. For some this means boring or that it won't get you results, but this couldn't be farther from the truth.

LinkedIn gives you the professional edge in real estate that many will avoid because they just can't see what they are actually supposed to do with this powerful networking service.

Consider Joining the Right Groups

In your local community you can often get some of the best results for business with networking groups. LinkedIn has groups that specialize in specific areas where you can contribute information and you can receive!

Taking time to look through the Groups Directory will be well worth your time. For example if you are from a major real estate franchise (i.e. Keller Williams, ReMax, etc) you can find groups for those franchises online. These groups aren't just about being declaring your interests, these groups provide value each and every month.

Often you will see that people in groups are sharing referrals or even trying to find people in their network work. Join groups where you can add value and you will see where you can help and get the help you are seeking as well.

Get Recommendations To Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn is a large application with many great features that you can take advantage of, but one that you can't miss is that of getting recommendations.

Recommendations are your opportunity to get Authenticated Testimonials. In LinkedIn those who provide you with a testimonials must be on the LinkedIn network as well. This provides a powerful amount of authenticity since as soon as you approve their recommendation, those who view your public profile can view the profile of those who gave you a recommendation. This certainly eliminates any doubt that a testimonial could me "made up".

Investing time in getting recommendations is one of the best ways to ensure people are compelled to contact you when they view your LinkedIn profile.

With so many features in LinkedIn you can certainly feel like you can get lost. Our complete real estate social networking system will give you the steps you need to get the most out of LinkedIn and the other social networks.

Once you have your profile filled out, consider adding us to your network. Don't forget to add a personal message to your request so we can see you are truly maximizing your networking opportunities.

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