“How To Get Results From Social Networking in Real Estate”

James Bridges
James Bridges
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When most real estate agents start their journey into social networking it involves getting online and signing up on the biggest websites.  The excitement of being able to connect with new people, past clients and more is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  What first starts out as a new marketing activity quickly dissolves to something else that just “doesn’t work”.

Sadly this happens to all too many real estate professionals and others.  After all, why would popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, ActiveRain , Twitter and many others be filled with accounts that have barely been used?  The reality is that very few join the ranks of those in social networking with a plan on how to get results.  When we say results, we are speaking of getting 2 or more transactions from our efforts each and every month.

Getting transactions from your social networking efforts is certainly possible when you understand what you bring to the world of online networking.  Here are three easy methods you can concentrate on so your success continues long after you fill out your first profile.

  1. Have a plan – It may sound crazy, because after all, social networking is so easy, what could you possibly plan?  Taking time to put together a small plan of action will allow you to keep your focus narrow and achieve success before tackling your next project. The plan doesn’t have to be fancy, but it can include such items as the following:

    1. Which network to start with?

    2. How many contacts to add each day?

    3. How are you going to add value to your network?

    Writing out 7-10 steps before you ever sign on to your first network will ensure that you have the best chances to get results from your social networking activities.

  1. How are you going to add value? – In order to get the most from your social networking efforts, it is important to decide how you will add value to those in your network.  If you only ever ask for referrals or see who needs to sell their home, you will quickly lose steam and you won’t see any results for the long haul. 

    Decide on information that you are an expert in and that you enjoy sharing with others.  This could vary from unique area information from years of experience, to information on the latest happenings in your city.  This unique value that you have will ensure your network comes to you for information each and every month.

  1. Which network works the best for you? – Each network has something that it specializes in.  LinkedIn is a powerful business network tool, while Facebook provides an aspect that is more social.  Take time to explore the networks and see which one caters best to your personality.  Taking the time to understand how each one works first will ensure you stick with it and use all of the features that are provided.

We invite you to consider the 3 steps above to get the most from your social networking efforts in real estate.  Many people are getting on to the networks with little planning, and you will be able to get your unfair share of referrals and new business by starting out with a good plan of attack.

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