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Social Networking For Real Estate with Twitter
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Twitter is a unique social network. This network of a variety of professionals and is really differentiates itself in how people keep up to date on others activities.

In Twitter, rather than traditional blog posts, people are kept up to date in Tweets. These tweets are limited to just 140 characters. With 140 characters you don't have time to mess around, just enough room to get your point across.

Since updates are left to just 140 characters it allows one the opportunity for more frequent updates. After all, a traditional blog post could be 400-500 words easily and on Twitter you only need 140 characters which means you can easily send off mutliple updates each and every day!

Who are you going to follow?

Getting involved with Twitter means taking a few moments to decide on who you are going to follow. You could perform a search on twitter, to see the most popular topics, or you might already have an idea on who you want to follow.

Common good etiquette dictates that you would follow the majority of those that follow you. For real estate consider following people who will provide value to your network. These could be affiliates like lenders or major media outlets that provide information. People can decide to follow you based off of who you follow so be choosy in who you decide to follow.

You can get two people right away to follow! James Bridges on Twitter and Joey Bridges on Twitter

Are your updates providing value?

140 characters can be typed in just a few seconds. Since it can be done so easily some people choose to write total nonsense in their updates. In order to get results from any of your social networking efforts it is important to consider how your updates are going to provide value to your network. In the case of Twitter for real estate consider how your updates are going to add value to your followers.

We invite you to consider the following for your updates:

  • Have a balance of personal and business updates - this demonstrates you are a real person and will encourage people to follow you. If you are all business all the time, people won't want to follow you because they will always feel like they are getting "sold" to.

  • Provide links with good information - Using great applications like TinyUrl you can provide links to great information that you find across the web. Sometimes you can highlight your own web pages, but make sure you provide a balance of your site and 3rd party websites.

  • Be consistent - You don't have to do 20+ updates to get noticed. Some people say this is the way to stand out, but this can show you have nothing else to do but update your network. Time block and set aside different times of the day to update your network.

Once you are getting the hand of updating your network, consider connecting your twitter updates with your Facebook profile. This way you can easily stay in touch with those in the two different networks.

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We look forward to hearing about your successes.

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