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Learning should be fun and it can be quick! We have put together powerful online videos so you can learn the skills you need quickly so you can get back to making money by working with clients!

Get more step by step video tutorials on topics from SEO to improving your Google Pay Per Click in our online coaching program.

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  Apply Action Plan Never lose a contact and deepen that relationship. Learn in under 3 minutes how to apply an action plan so you can turn contacts into commissions!
  Manage Contact Types Organize your contacts into effective groups so you can maximize your database by sending e-mails to groups that are closely related. A powerful lesson and it's only 2 minutes long!

  Keyword Tool Find the words that your competition is missing! Use Google's powerful free tool to see who is competing on ads online.
  Remove InActive Words Learn how to handle manage InActive words in your Google Campaigns to increase your ads effectiveness.
  Analytics User powerful FREE reporting so you can track your traffic sources to find out which dollars you are spending are making the most impact!
  Campaign Summary Understand the AdGroup Summary screen so you can improve your AdGroup performance and lower your cost per lead.