Real Estate Domain

Choosing a real estate domain name

Since you have made the commitment to have a real estate marketing presence online, you will now need to choose a domain name for your soon to be created website! Hopefully you have visited to choose your real estate domain name already, but if not we wanted to provide some help on how to come up with a name.

Contrary to the popular belief that all of the good domain names have been taken here are a few ideas and guidelines so you can find the domain name that works for you.

  1. Compelling Domain Name - Your real estate domain name should communicate what your website is all about. Having "your" doesn't tell someone what your website is about. A domain name of "" sounds pretty obvious that it is about houses in Spring Vallye.

  2. Keep it under 5 words - The fewer the words in your domain name the easier it will be for people to remember and to place on marketing materials. It will also have higher resale value down the road.

  3. Try to Incorporate Keywords - Researching the words that people search on, like by using Wordtracker, you can create a domain name that has these words in it. This will help with your SEO efforts.

  4. Be Creative - Chances are the most obvious "" is taken, but by simply adding a word like "lovely" in front you can have a powerful domain name!

  5. Add more Domains - As you become more succesful online, look for additional domain names that demonstrate different areas of expertise (condos, land, multi-family, etc.)

Following these 5 tips can help you to get a powerful domain name that can be successful in your market. We have even more suggestions on how to select a domain name in our FREE Real estate SEO ebook. Start checking online today at to see what is available. It is even cheaper than GoDaddy!