“Make calls, book appointments, & close business without memorizing a single real estate script.”

Has a client ever asked you a question that you couldn't answer? Have you ever been frustrated with a client because you couldn't get them to realize they were missing out on a great opportunity?

If you answered yes it isn't your fault you just didn't have the right scripts to compel them to take action!

Our 3 Day Course is designed so that you can book an appointment in 3 minutes or less. You will get real estate scripts that motivate buyers who before only wanted "the address".

To get our free course just fill out the form below with your full name and e-mail and we will teach you how to "Book Appointments in 3 Minutes or Less".

What are buyers thinking?

Have you ever noticed that it seems like buyers will do just about anything to avoid taking action? Well they have scripts that they use to keep them from making a decision and the key is to have the right script to compel them to take action. By signing up for the 3 day script course above you will learn exactly what you need to do.

Has a buyer ever said to you any of the following:

  • I am just looking

  • I will pre-approve for a loan after I find the home

  • I have to am not ready to buy for 9 months

  • I don't want to work with only 1 agent

  • I just want the price

  • and more!

Buyers want to work with you, they are just testing you with these objections. They want a confident agent to represent them and the Buyer Objection Handling CD gives you the power and confidence to control the conversation with the buyer and it is included in the buyer script systems we have for you to get buyers to take action.

You don't have to memorize a script and sound like a robot you just have to have the right answer and say it in your own words.

Hear how to handle buyers today

Take some time to listen to the different objections(scripts) buyers have and how to handle them. We have listed some of the toughest objections facing agents today here by clicking the "play" icon to the right of the objection handler.

If you want to have these objection handling scripts and more, then get our Buyer Objection Handling CD.

Objection/Role Play

Objection Handling Script

Role Play to get appointments from Internet Prospects! This is used on your very first call to website prospects.

I have an agent

I'm just looking

Get Buyers to Take Actions

If you want to make more money with the buyers that you have today you can change the scripts that you are using with them and start getting them to take action so you can get them the home they want, they refer their friends, and you close more business!

Having the right scripts isn't just about one CD or even one set of questions but understanding what buyers goals are and how they fit in with your goals.

What's Included?




Buyer Objection CD
Buyer Role Play CD
Buyer Mindset CD
Buyer Role Play CD 2
Voice Mail Scripts CD
Private 1 on 1 coaching session ($175 value)
Private e-mail to ask your toughest script questions


Complete Introduction to Google Adwords ($49.95 value)
Complete Blog System with companion CD ($49.95 value)
Transcripts ($75 dollar value)
Buyer Appointment Form ($24 value)
Succeed Online 2 CD Set ($49.95 value)

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Brandi Cushing, Marina Del Rey

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