"Agent listens to the CD, asks the seller two questions, and gets a 6% listing!"

It isn’t what you say at a listing appointment it is the questions you ask that matter

Have you ever had a listing appointment that you just couldn’t say the right thing? No matter what the seller said it always seemed like you had the wrong answer even though you were just trying to be helpful?

Trust me I know how you feel. I used to be just like that and I didn’t used to get sellers to pay me 6%. In fact I was lucky if I walked out of there with the listing contract at all. Now I convert listing appointments to listings over 87% of the time. I choose the listings I want and not the other way around.

How do you know what to say?

Well the key is to make sure that you are asking questions and not having the seller ask you the questions. When you are asking the questions you are in charge and you will make the choices. Have you ever had a seller ask you on the phone what you charge? Have you realized that no matter how you answer this they aren’t going to be happy? In fact if you said you would do it for FREE they would probably still complain right?

Take some time to listen to the different objection handlers that we have listed here. Integrating each one into your personality will help you to make these scripts your own!

Instead of answering that question try this real estate listing script instead:

We all know that real estate takes time. In fact the standard contract is 6 months that most real estate professionals ask sellers to sign. So how come sellers only every want to sign a 30 day contract? Well the next time you present a seller with contract and they don’t want to sign a 6 month or longer contract try this script:

Mastering real estate listing scripts is about practice and making sure that you are saying the right thing every time. Donít waste your next listing opportunity.

Seller Objections CD

If you want to know how to ask sellers the questions that will get them to sign the listing contract when you are in front of them this CD is for you. Never let a seller stump you when they say:

  • I am going to Interview other agents

  • Another agent said they would do it for 1%

  • How many homes have you sold in my area

  • Another agent said my home is worth more

  • I don't want a sign in my yard

  • and more!

For $19.95 plus shipping and handling you get the the questions that you need to ask sellers to get the listing. It's about getting the right listing and asking the right question is the only way to do that. Get this Seller Objection CD Today! [BUY ME NOW]

"I was frustrated with going to listing appointments and not getting what I deserved. I listen to this CD before every appointment and now I know the seller is going to sign with me tonight!"

Tom, Irvine, CA

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