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I started working with The Global Trust Team in January of 2006. They have coached me every step of the way. From choosing a url to teaching me how to set up a pay per click campaign on Yahoo and Google. Since then, I have been averaging 30 leads a month and spending approximately $250. My gross commissions in 2006 were 135K. The majority of that business came from leads I got through the internet marking that James and Joey taught me. I am eternally thankful to The Global Trust Team for the training and support they have given me.

Working with real estate leads on the web is a very unique and particular type of service. After working with Joey Bridges and Online Real Estate Success for over a year, I realized that I never would have been able to acheive the level of success with out them. I consistently closed one transaction every other month and that is much higher level of success than any other realtor in my office or in my region. Joey taught me exactly what I needed to do and how. There are many steps to this process and you need to implement every single step in order to acheive success with real estate leads on the web.

We started working with the Online Real Estate Success systems two years ago. Since then it's broken the barriers and boundaries that usually accompany our industry. We enjoy a steady flow of leads each month and a using the tools and techniques to generate more business while freeing up more time to enjoy life more! Just want to say thanks for all your help and much success to you and yours in the coming years. Website: MyTitleRep.com

Hello everyone I'm Peter Cruz of Savvy Escrow and today I would like to tell everyone listening that I owe a great deal of my success to Online Real Estate Success. It has helped me get leads for my business and we all know that a good lead is a key ingrediant in todays market. Not only has Online Real Estate Success helped me, but it also provides great value to my real estate and lending partners as well. I may not be the savvyiest guy when it comes to the internet, but Online Real Estate Success is easy to use and implement. I would like to thank my friends at Online Real Estate Success for helping me stay in business in todays tough market. Thank you Online Real Estate Success!!!

Rakesh Chopra, Partner-Realtor Keller Williams Los Alamitos
The whole idea of "Internet Lead Generation" can be very confusing and overwhelming! Not knowing where to start, who to go to for help, and how to cut through the hundreds of e-mail offers to get you to #1 on Yahoo, google etc. The Bridges brothers broke down the "ILG" into managable pieces and made it easy to understand, even for the non computer savy person. The two weekly sessions gave agents time to digest the information and actually put the knowledge to work for them. I know that the agents that are implementing the tasks are seeing results with increased online leads. We are very lucky to have the Bridges brothers in our area and that they are willing to share their experiences and make the learning curve easier for the average agent. Internet Lead Generation should be a integral part of every agents Lead Generation System. Do them a favor and have them attend the Bridges brothers classes so they can start implementing and generating leads. It is the single best thing you can do for your agents!! and yourself.

Susan FoleySusan Foley, Long Beach Agent
Hey James and Joe, your Internet Seminar is FANTASTIC! I recently began to build my internet site from a template, and quickly realized that I needed help from a maven, or in your case, two mavens. This class changed my entire perspective by presenting everything in easy to understand formats. Bless you James and Joe! BTW, I LOVE your CD's: Even for this old-timer agent, they are motivating, and who doesn't need motivation in this crazy market?

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