Understand Lead Generation Online

These real estate professionals took the 8 hour course on Lead Generation with Joseph and James Bridges. They wanted to start immediately getting leads from their websites. Listen to their experiences of this course. Many of them went on to learn more by using our in-depth monthly online coaching program. You too can start succeeding online today!

Thanks for SUCH a GREAT Class the last two Friday’s I can’t tell you how much I learned from you guys it always felt like I was just stumbling along with enough knowledge to be dangerous to my own websites success. Your class brought a huge amount of clarity and gave me some real perspective of how to structure a usable site and effective site.

Casey Learned, Keller Williams

Wow! The most valuable real estate related class I have taken. It's crammed full of real-life examples and suggestions in a logical, step-by-step progression in building a successful, cost-effective lead generation operation. Joey and Jamie make sure the class is fun, easy to understand and well-paced. They are gifted instructors, passionate about how to most effectively use technology in today's real estate market. Highly recommended for beginners and "techies" alike.

Win Glas, Main Street Real Estate

Nancy Richards Keller Williams Coastal Long Beach, Ca. The Internet has had a huge impact on the real estate business. Using the internet to attract business is paramount. The class that James and Joseph Bridges teach, Internet Lead Generation is right on target. It takes the guess work out of it and saves you money and frustration. I highly recommend it.

Kenni Cail

Kenni Cail, Keller Williams

The class definately made me think "OUTSIDE THE BOX" as a realtor. I truly believe in working smart not hard. Your class definately proves that!

Elizabeth Watts-Russel

Elizabeth C. Watts-Russell, Keller Williams

“The ILG course was absolutely worth every mile I drove from Los Feliz round-trip even in the miserable pouring rain! James and Joseph are a dynamic, engaging duo who are a bottomless pit of information! They translate tech-speak to everyday-speak very effectively. Their sample scripts for objections are very astute. The SEO part of the course was very helpful. The lead conversion techniques were very thorough. This course could very easily have been a full 2-day course and have left one wanting for more!”

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